1. Jamie McKane

    Do you have an Intel or AMD processor in your primary PC?

    Is your primary desktop or laptop powered by an AMD or Intel processor?
  2. F

    Order cheaper GPU/CPU from USA?

    So I'm looking to upgrade my current system to an i7 6700k, GTX 1070 build. As you all know it is very expensive to do this in SA.. The best price I could find was from Wootware and it was for around R14600.00 for the card and the processor, which is a lot of money. To compare I looked up the...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    The world’s first 1,000-core processor

    The world’s first 1,000-core processor University of California researchers have designed an energy-efficient 1,000-core processor.
  4. S

    Value of Old Intel E5300 Processor

    I would like to just check what would be reasonable buying/selling price for old Intel E5300 processor ( I know it is ancient now :D Then again, some of us are still using them with no problems. I...
  5. C

    How to check my PC processor

    ... without having to remove it from the board. Hope someone can assist. I bought a 2nd hand PC for a decent price. The item was advertised as a Haswell i-5 4670 @ 3.4 to 3.8 ghz When I check the computer details in windows (screen where the Windows Experience Index is shown), it tells me...
  6. U

    Help with PC building parts

    Good day everyone I would like you guys to please help me buying the right parts to build my pc. I am planning to make my pc UHD/4K. I am planning to let my PC have DDR4 My SSD is a PCi one, that is why it is so expensive. I would like you guys to please rate my pc out of 100, It...
  7. M

    Which should I purchase

    Hi all I need to purchase a light laptop for travel purposes. I went to Incredible Connection who showed me this Acer Aspire V5 They also had this HP...
  8. F

    Recurring payment processor needed

    Hi all, I need to set up a simple recurring billing scheme (credit card most likely, I think that'll be the easiest for the consumer to give consent) for a subscription service. Billing to be done bi-annually. Something like the PayPal buttons (
  9. B

    Intel and AMD Processor Range

    Intel and AMD Processor Range Satisfy your Need for Speed We are giving 5% Off on our Intel Xeon Range which can be up to R1400.00 in savings per processor! Use this Coupon Code to Redeem: ZVGIO6HI38NP We also have a special on the Intel Core i7 3970X - 3.50GHz Six Core @ R11 514.00...
  10. F

    Pc processor support

    Hi! So I have been really frustrated lately since I can't figure out if my motherboard or my cpu socket would support the processor I want. The processor that I am looking into is the intel core i7 2600(2nd Gen) that is basically my only option though. pc specifications...
  11. M

    TI announces OMAP 4470 chipset with 1.8GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU, DirectX support

    Source When will the madness end? :wtf:
  12. M

    On board HDMI audio output?

    So my current mobo and PSU decided to take a trip to the next life which leaves me in the bitter-sweet position of a forced upgrade. I'm currently looking at this mobo: DH55MC With this CPU: Clarkedale i3 540 Since the PC is used exclusively for media, I'm planning on running the...
  13. C

    Qualcomm 2011 mobile CPUs as powerful as Xbox360 and PS3 This could be quite interesting...
  14. jes

    ARM announces 2.5 GHz Cortex processor for smartphones

    ARM announces 2.5 GHz Cortex processor for smartphones ARM announced their new Cortex-A15 processor capable of running at up to 2.5 GHz
  15. D

    Best and cheapest processor to get in the market now?

    Hi, I am building a PC and would like to purchase a processor but presently I am a bit confused with what the best processor and am hoping someone can explain the variances. I have heard of i3, i5, and of course i7, but would like to know what the performance of these are compared to the Quad...
  16. LazyLion

    Sweet spot for socket 775 chips now?

    I may need to get another processor for my kid's computer. It is an Asus P5PE-VM motherboard. Used for Gaming, with an Nvidia Card... but not cutting edge (I don't buy the VERY latest games for them). I am aiming around the 2.4 Ghz mark or higher (not more than 2 grand). Is there a good...