How ultra-fast 3D XPoint memory could revolutionise PC hardware


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Extremely fast and cheap. Does this mean initial dives will be R3500 for 64GB like when SSDs launched or R1500 for 500GB?
The implications of this technology (if video is to be believed) are staggering. I'm wondering what the catch is. It's the type of technology that Apple would pay billions to get a head start on if it was close to commercialisation.


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We will have to wait and see, knowing intel it will cost about the same as a small house , and will only be available for servers for the next 10 years, then another 5 years for the "pro-sumer" at a inflated price and finally we might get it.

It is exciting I would love to see a 10TB storage medium at a affordable price.
This is NVRAM... so therefore most likely suited to storage applications.
However in the memory arena, its usually the Koreans (Hynix) that get stuff like this out the door first...

Only time will tell, but I do think it is safe to say that the workhorse of the PC world, the Dynamic RAM and all its baggage, might finally be bidding us a farewell.


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It is something on the scale of flash memory announcement. It took long time, but see what happened.

As Intel claims that 7th generation CPU supports this type of memory, it could be a matter of a year or two for commercial deployement, I guess.