Hulu, Ripper IPTV or NTV


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Dec 14, 2017
Hello oh wise people of the Internet

I have recently ditched DSTV and have moved to Apple TV 4th Gen. I already have Netflix and Amazon Video but am looking at either Hulu, Ripper IPTV or NTV, the idea behind this is more from a documentary channel (Discovery, Nat Geo) and sports perspective, having said that the other channels also look pretty cool.

My question is which one do you go with, what are the pros and cons if any and what works best with the least amount of stress ;-) I know these have all been mentioned here before but can find any details as to what works best? and what is needed.

Also while we at it if any wants to share any must haves, channels, app, or anything else regarding the Apple TV please do chip in.

Thanks very much