1. Jan

    DStv's new streaming limit will make SuperSport much worse than ESPN and Sky Sports

    DStv's new streaming limit — much worse than international sports streaming services MultiChoice will limit concurrent streams on DStv's online platform to one device from 22 March 2022, making it one of the only services in the world with such a crippling restriction. The company stated that...
  2. Savy561

    Anyone using getflix or any other smart dns, please comment on your experience?

    I am considering setting up a smart dns service for my household but before I do so I thought I'd collect some actual user feedback on recommended smart dns service's. I am mainly looking at getflix due to their extended support for consoles but am open to hearing about other providers. I am a...
  3. Savy561

    Need advice for accessing geo blocked streaming and your personal streaming setup services

    I am looking for the best way to give my entire household the most expansive streaming experience possible. The household is a big fan of anime and apart from crunchyroll and Netflix, most anime content is not available is South Africa. My current setup is 3 ps4's for streaming and gaming with...
  4. G

    Hulu via Unotelly in SA not working any more, alternatives?

    Hi, I used to watch Hulu via Unotelly using their DNS intercept service, but this stopped working a few weeks ago. Their support has not been helpful. Can anyone suggest an alternative? I prefer DNS, but will go VPN if I have to. Is there a VPN service I can get working on my Raspberry Pi? I...
  5. B

    Hulu, Ripper IPTV or NTV

    Hello oh wise people of the Internet I have recently ditched DSTV and have moved to Apple TV 4th Gen. I already have Netflix and Amazon Video but am looking at either Hulu, Ripper IPTV or NTV, the idea behind this is more from a documentary channel (Discovery, Nat Geo) and sports...
  6. R

    My own Netflix DNS proxy- Need 10 testers

    Hello, This is my first post here I created my own Netflix DNS proxy and I need 10 testers Only SNI devices are supported Available sites: Netflix Hulu HBO Amazon Prime US Amazon Prime UK Crackle Pandora Vudu Blinkbox ABC Fox NBC ESPN PBS CWTV Spike Mtv...
  7. Z

    Hulu issues on Fire TV

    Hey everyone, Not sure if anyone else is having issues with Hulu on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick? I am having an issue where Hulu keeps coming up with a Network Error at launch. It does this for a few days, and then will randomly start working again, and when it does work, it buffers...
  8. Chevron

    Hulu Announces Live TV Service Featuring More Than 50 Channels for $39.99 a Month

  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Hulu is cancelling its free service

    Hulu is cancelling its free service Hulu is ending its free tier and is partnering with Yahoo on a new free streaming service called Yahoo View.
  10. M

    Telkom Mobile and Hauwei B593 DNS settings for Hulu and Netflix

    Telkom Mobile and Hauwei B593 DNS settings for Hulu and Netflix Updated - with sports I thought I would post this as I struggled so much to get my Netflix and Hulu to work with Telkom mobile and because the Hauwei B593 sold with the Telkom mobile contract does not allow you to enter DNS...
  11. DWPTA

    Hulu and RSA CC

    Hi So we had Hulu working lekker and then had to update the CC details with the new one and now Hulu isn't accepting it. Same thing with the boss, he also cannot add his CC to Hulu. Anybosy has tips or tricks to circumvent this?
  12. Tim_vb

    Hulu dog slow

    Is anyone else having massive buffering with Hulu? My hulu takes 2 minutes to start playing then buffers continually roku or Netflix. Netflix, youtube etc all work well at 720p. Thinking of ditching Hulu if it wasn't for south park and last week tonight 4mb uncapped \ unotelly \ roku 3 [EDIT]...
  13. D

    [S] Sealed/Brand New/Unopend Amazon Fire TV Stick

    Item name (be very descriptive): Amazon Fire TV Stick Age and condition: New Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: may be a few months Reason for selling: Want to Buy something nice Price: R800 Negotiable: Yes Location: Bloemfontein Shipping or collection: yes, Will split shipping costs
  14. B

    Netflix and Roku 3 combination

    Hi all. I am considering increasing the speed of my ADSL line and setting up a streaming service soon and, while not requiring a setup guide just yet, wanted to get some suggestions. In my mind, the best combination would be a Netflix account, running on a 2015 model year Roku 3 (which can...
  15. P

    How to watch Netflix, Supersport Streaming and/or Hulu on a non-Smart TV?

    Evening everyone Need some help here. I have an HD LED TV with HDMI capabilities. Actually it's a good TV (LG), but it's not that smart. Therefore I need to do some workarounds to get a streaming service up and running. I have an unshaped 4mbps line next to the TV and I'm looking into the...
  16. A

    Chromecast and Hulu

    Hi, i have a Chromecast which i use for plex only. i was wondering if their is any way of watching Hulu on it?
  17. W

    Netflix & Hulu on Neotel NeoBroadband

    My patience has run out with my unstable Telkom line, and with no upgrades planned for my area in the near future, I have been looking around for alternatives. Applied for a BitCo service, but there is no clear LOS and application was therefore declined. My next option is to consider Neotel...
  18. R

    Vidi the Streaming Service with a twist

    Just as a warning to the people out there trying out Vidi's Streaming service on the bases that its a 30 day trial. When I registered I distinctly chose to not subscribe to the unlimited plan and that I would only be interested in the Rentals, due to the fact that they stated that you would...
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    Global Axxess bites the dust

    Global Axxess shut down Legal pressure has forced Axxess to shut down its Global Axxess service, which allowed access to services like Netflix and Hulu
  20. Jan

    Free Netflix, Hulu unblocking through Axxess DNS Suite

    Free Netflix, Hulu unblocking in SA on Axxess DSL We go hands-on with the new Axxess DNS Suite’s beta feature “Global Axxess”.