1. J

    Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime - which 2 would you choose?

    If you have to choose two of the three packages, which two would you choose and why? My wife has insisted I stick to two of these three, I can't decide, don't know them well enough. What are the major differences?
  2. M

    WDTV and Hulu

    Hi There, I recently bought the WDTV Play and just got it all up and running. I'm using UnoDNS setup for USA and opened a Netflix account and all working well. According to the WD website, I should have a HuluPlus app, but this app doesnt appear, and I wouldn't mind to try this out. Anyone...
  3. G

    The new Roku Streaming Stick
  4. S

    Telkom messing with Netflix , Hulu ???

    10 meg uncapped line , isp = telkom speedtests : int ping 232 ms , download 8.5 mbps , pingtest : 0 pkt loss , 0 jitter Using unotelly dynamo Tried downloading a well seeded torrent , download speed 600 kbps Netflix and Hulu buffering themselves silly , sometimes not loading...
  5. S

    Netflix and Hulu streaming slow

    Howzit everybody , been streaming netflix and hulu for over a ear without issue but for the last two weeks they both keep buffering , using unotelly , 1)tried different servers . 2)tried different browsers 3)international and local speeedtests good , int 230ms ping 8.5mb download , local...
  6. jes

    Hulu must face privacy lawsuit

    Hulu must face privacy lawsuit Hulu has failed to persuade a judge to dismiss a lawsuit accusing it of illegally sharing users’ viewing history with Facebook
  7. simons

    Netflix and Hulu Land in S.A (Or do they??)

    Hi All Got this email today and was wondering how legit this is? :confused:
  8. Chevron

    For those that use Netflix and Hulu
  9. QuintonB

    Hulu attracts four bidders

    Hulu becomes hot property Four bidders are engaged in a tug-of-war for online video service, Hulu.
  10. QuintonB

    Apple TV should make the TV industry nervous

    Apple TV: Prime time – all the time Apple TV is bound to get the television industry feeling decidedly nervous
  11. Tim_vb

    HuluPlus account with $25

    Hulu Plus outside the US prepaid card includes $25 value Bought it for R400 and found I didn't need it. I will email it as soon as I get payment. R300
  12. jes

    Yahoo eyes Hulu after failed Dailymotion bid

    Yahoo eyes Hulu after failed Dailymotion bid Yahoo! has begun talks on a possible purchase of the online video website Hulu
  13. jes

    Paid-for international video streaming illegal in South Africa

    Paid-for international video streaming illegal in South Africa Using legitimate international content services such as Netflix and HuluPlus in South Africa as an alternative to DStv may still be considered piracy
  14. jes

    High expectations for digital media at NewFronts

    High expectations for digital media at NewFronts This week in New York is the second Digital NewFronts – the digital world’s take on the annual TV “upfront” tradition
  15. D

    Netflix/Hulu and Apple TV in South Africa

    I recently got an Apple Tv and have been streaming Netflix and Hulu seamlessly in SA on a 2mb line. (in HD even!) Tried some VPN stuff in the past, but never had any joy. Heard about UnoTelly. It's legit, totally does what it says it will. They even have a server in Cape Town, so I'm guessing...
  16. M

    How fast should a 10mbit line really be?

    So, I finally got Hulu plus up and running:) on my 10mbps Axxess uncapped line and I've been forced to cap quality at 1mbps line speed to avoid any buffering. I have to admit that this was a little surprising so I ran a few non-scientific tests (please bear with this noob:whistle:) PS3 network...
  17. W

    Hulu Netfix on AC Ryan Playon?

    From what i can make out streaming Hulu, netflix and the like does not work on a LG TV.. Tried a couple of dlna servers on pc but says invalid file on tv. So, I see esquire is selling these AC Ryan Playon!HD Mini 2 Media Player (ACR-PV73800) media players, anybody knows if this will work or...
  18. T

    Apple TV or Roku 2 XS?

    So I have a netflix and hulu plus subscription which we use every day. At the moment have a media center with xbmc on it for local content, but due to the browser based netflix and hulu having a much better interface that the xbmc plugin I am looking at getting either an Apple TV or Roku. I...
  19. Z

    UnoTelly's UnoDNS - Watch Netflix from anywhere, or hulu or listen to pandora

    Hi guys wanted to let your know about this awesome site, its and it allows you to watch Hulu , netflix, bbc iplayer and the works, they currently have a trial going on for 8 days, you should really try it... and works from any where in the world and allows you to go into...
  20. QuintonB

    Race for Yahoo top job now has one runner

    Hulu’s Kilar declines Yahoo top job The race to become Yahoo Inc’s next chief executive appeared to have narrowed down to just interim CEO Ross Levinsohn after Hulu said its CEO Jason Kilar had pulled out of the running.