Job: Technical Support Consultant at International Software Vendor

Feb 4, 2014
Location: Cape Town (Close to Century City)

Job Function
• Provide software support to clients of an International Software Vendor. This may include assisting end users directly as well as remote assistance via the Internet (web based product).
• System installations and updates (training to be provided)
• Liaising with development team regarding problems, special requests and assistance in testing of software
• General infrastructure duties (basic reporting, monitoring of backups, maintenance of computer equipment, etc).

Person will have an opportunity to expand their technical skills in both Windows and Linux environments. The opportunity allows for future growth in the areas of: system administration, software consulting, training and database (SQL) administration. Person will gain significant experience in the area of web based technologies, including security.

Key Performance Areas
End user support
• Problem solving and assisting clients via email and telephone with regards to their basic questions relating to our application.
• Logging of incoming support calls and escalation to 2nd level support if necessary.
• Follow up timeously on all unresolved or escalated requests.
• Provide feedback to clients or management on the status of their requests.
• Monitoring of systems.
Installation of Software
• Installation of servers with the software developed by the vendor, according to a predefined process.
• Updating client systems with patches or new versions.
• Updating servers with security patches and general updates.
Testing of Software
• Functional and user acceptance testing of work completed by developers before it is released.
• Simulating scenarios like disaster recoveries and building walkthroughs.
• Writing database scripts (SQL queries)
• Documenting possible bugs/changes.
• Assisting with documentation.

Personal Characteristics
Excellent communication, organisational and interpersonal skills. Person must speak and write proper English. Someone who gets things done on time and correctly the first time, without micromanagement being required. Someone conscientious and who pays a lot of attention to detail. Self-driven, focussed and motivated. A logical thinker, especially with regards to troubleshooting of support requests. Customer service orientated, professional in his/her approach. Someone who is responsible and accountable. Someone who works and performs well under pressure. A willingness to learn.

Qualifications and Experience
• Windows. Linux experience a definite bonus.
• A good understanding of HTTP, FTP, SSH, LAN’s, WAN’s, VPN’s, ADSL, Routers, Remote Desktop and how the browser interacts with a web server.
• General networking experience.
• Experience with SQL will be a bonus
• Experience in dealing with clients and logging issues/calls.
• An I.T. certification such as MCSE, Linux etc will count in your favour.

Negotiable total cost to company package. Please indicate your expectation if any. Mandatory probation period will apply. Please note: Recruitment consultants need not apply! Please send your CV to
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