LED Light questions


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Jan 10, 2011
I've gotten this idea for making a nice looking small set piece with some LED lights, but have essentially zero experience with electrical stuff.

Part of what I would need are two 'kinds' of LED lights - one the normal kind (as above) and another that looks identical to the first, but 'split' in half (all working bits obviously in the remaining half, along the badly drawn line above) - the effect should be that holding it against a mirror surface would make it look like the normal 'whole' version. Searching for something like this (assuming I'm using the right terms) is turning up entirely not what I was looking for

My questions are these:
Do such half-LED's exist?
If not, is it possible to carefully file/saw/break the glass/plastic/something bulb/cap in (nearly) half just until the wiring bits are almost exposed and still working?
Alternatively, I'm thinking of using one of those LED strips and making my own bulbs on top, but the only way I can think of doing this involves a glue gun which would probably look very bad and very hard to make multiple ones look the same


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Feb 26, 2011
LEDs are that type and the surface mount type, I don't know of any other kind besides the two. Yes you can be able to cut it in half but I doubt it will have the desired effect, unless you have something to polish it to what it was before.