1. A

    New smart wall switch

    Hi guys I recently bought new light switches for my house. I got smart switches from Aliexpress and they finally came in, after 2 and a half months. I tried to connect it and it does not seem to work, I wired correctly as far as i know. I have attached a photo of the switch. The house is...
  2. A

    Hanging pictures on mirrors on the wall

    Hi guys It may sound random but I want to know the best way to hang pictures and mirrors on concrete walls, either using nails, strips or whatever. I have just repainted and re-plastered most of our house that we just bought. I want to start hanging some pictures and mirrors but I am afraid...
  3. Z

    LED Light questions

    I've gotten this idea for making a nice looking small set piece with some LED lights, but have essentially zero experience with electrical stuff. Part of what I would need are two 'kinds' of LED lights - one the normal kind (as above) and another that looks identical to the first, but 'split'...
  4. Nobody Important

    Ryobi line trimmer (RLT 350) - can the line in the spool be replaced?

    I have a RLT 350 model, came free with the lawn mower. Line is finished now so I have removed the head but it has a white plastic sheath that does not seem to be removable, click on pics attached. The head retails for approx R60, so maybe it is just meant to be thrown and replaced? Seems like a...
  5. B

    Vacuum in Geyser

    Hi guys We had to turn the water off to fix a leaking tap. When we put the water back on, the geyser stopped heating the water. It just sounds like the geyser is filling constantly - like water is running in the pipes. Plumber came out and said it was the electric isolator and replaced that...
  6. M

    Inverter Welder

    Hi all Given the mirage of black Friday deals - I have been wanting a DIY welding machine for sometime. I want to construct a few small stands and also a driveway gate (wooden panels and metal frame). I noticed a ryobi inverter welder 140amp for sale for about 699. I have done an appy course...
  7. A

    DIY mechanical keyboard kits

    Hey everyone. I'm interested in importing mechanical keyboard components for 60% boards and packaging them as customisable kits. I have a few questions to guage market interest if anyone is keen on helping out :) 1. How much would you be willing to pay for a DIY kit? 2. What switches would...
  8. T

    DIY 3D Printers using Raspberry Pi

    Hi guys, Has anyone here built a 3D printer using a Raspberry Pi, if so what is the part list and where did you get said parts from? Also is it cheaper to DIY one or buy one? Reason for asking is I'm in the process of getting a Raspberry Pi and it would be a nice project. TIA
  9. Z

    Best paint to use for interior walls

    Hey everyone, so we're thinking of repainting the interior walls at home. My dad used what I think is the worst paint on the face of the earth a couple years ago- chalky, dusty and it seems to attract stains. Got my first job and decided to jump into a bit of DIY, I'm favouring Plascon Double...
  10. J

    Stepped Braai bricklaying

    Hey guys not for myself, wish I had a house I could build a braai in, but for a colleague. He wants to do a stepped brick kind of build, which would (via steps) "angle" up to the chimney part, which would then rise straight up. He was just wondering, as was I, how would you achieve this...
  11. AntiYoyta

    Simple DIY alarm system - 1 room

    Hi everyone I'm pretty sure, somebody already had this challenge. I hope you guys can help with a solution. Scenario: single room with one door Challenge: simple alarm system for intruders Requirements: (1) alarm to go off, once movement detected, (2) LED at door, once system...
  12. M

    u-nut supplier - Durban

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for what seems to be called a u-nut, in Durban - preferably North. There's nothing at builders or mantech. Thanks - Matt
  13. O

    Webasto Sunroof Repair

    Hi All I need help with sunroof repairs. Where can I get sunroof parts? I have tried Google but all I get is companies who want to do it for me. Thing is dust debris caused driverside rail to break. I just want to buy that rail and fit it. Quotations from repair companies ranger from...
  14. M

    ZoneWatch Radio on Paradox MG5050 wiring?

    Hey guys, DIY installed an MG5050 paradox system without problems. All is working but the last step seems tricky. Have a ZoneWatch Radio that tells the armed response to come and rescue me (one hopes). The wiring as instructed doesn't seem to work. See picture attached below. So far...
  15. M

    Help with DIY install paradox MG5050

    Hi Got this with a couple of wireless detectors. wonder if anyone can help... Can I hardwire my existing 90s tech PIR's and door contacts to the system or do I have to start completely afresh with paradox detectors? my existing panel alarm activates a radio to the security company - I can...
  16. B

    pre-nup OCOC with accrual - DIY?

    Getting married next year and want to get married out of community of property, with accrual. Our asset base is small, so no worries about combined assets taken into the marriage, eg. one shared old car and cash savings of a few years (+-200k). Can I go the with accrual route, and still...
  17. O

    DIY Minor Car Service

    Hello Everyone. So I have been using the service of this former SuperQuick mechanic. I would buy the service kit for the car (Honda Jazz) he would then do the minor service. Changing oil Changing spark plugs Changing oil filter Blowing the air filter Changing antifreeze...
  18. B

    Painting suspended / drop ceiling

    Hi guys, I need to have the ceiling of a retail store painted, the style of the suspended ceiling makes the space look like an office. Initially I was going to buy a 20l bucket of White Plascon PVA paint and go crazy on the ceiling but after a few google searches and youtube videos it seems one...
  19. Newsfeed

    4 awesome mini PCs for DIY hacking projects

    4 awesome mini PCs for DIY hacking projects Starting a DIY electronics project is easier than ever thanks to microcontrollers and mini computing boards.
  20. Budza

    Budget SSD for PC upgrade

    I'm sure many of you get the 'how can I speed up my PC question' from friends/family. The easy answer, is to add an SSD. So, for an intermediate user, is 120GB enough? I'd say so, especially if the old drive is relocated to the DVD bay or an external enclosure. SATA is fine for most of...