1. A

    Fine Salt

    I'm looking for a supplier in Gauteng that sells big bags (30kg or 50kg) of fine salt. I want to to incorporate the salt with a sand mixture used between paving stones. The idea is to prevent weeds growing through. Course salt, as used in swimming pools, are too big to fit between the cracks.
  2. C

    Looking for small convex mirror (to make beauty dish)

    Hey everyone I'm starting with a little DIY project, I want to make my own Beauty Dish. But the most difficult part for me to get my hands on is a small convex mirror, roughly 10cm diameter max (approximately a CD size). Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one? The local...
  3. Zoomzoom

    Cement for small project

    Can you buy a small bag of 'ready mix' i.e. premixed sand + cement and just add water for a small project? Don't really want to buy a big bag of cement and try to source sand from who-knows-where. If you can any idea where I should look for some? Hardware shop, Penny Pinchers, builders supply???
  4. M

    DIY Bar for enclosed braai area or man cave

    I am a total noob when it comes to DIY, but I wan't to build myself a bar inside of my braai area. First off I need some ideas. Please post pics of easy DIY bar projects. I am looking at something small. Maybe 2m to 3m long. Any other advice? I'm going to try follow on of the ideas below...
  5. A

    E36 petrol pump replacement

    so my car stalled last week. got towed home. towed the car to a workshop a couple of days ago. the car was swinging strongly but doesn't turn over. so they needed to do initial fault finding and diagnostics @ R1.5k. to replace the petrol pump and a new fuel filter will cost an additional...
  6. Nod

    Numbers don’t lie—it’s time to build your own router

    Source: ArsTechnica More at the link ... Quick results:
  7. Zenbaas

    Growing your own Mushrooms

    As the title states I see there are a few MyBB members who have gown their own in the past and would love for them to chime in. How easy is it and is it worthwhile doing...? What mushrooms taste the best (subjective I know )as store bought available mushrooms are hardly diverse in their...
  8. J

    DIY Home Automation (Amazon Echo, Philips Hue, Wemo, Wink Hub, IFTTT, etc)

    Hi all... I have been doing some DIY home automation research... I'm busy designing and planning a house that I plan to have completed by this time next year (so researching at a comfortable pace and keeping an eye on interesting products that will be 2nd or 3rd Gen by the time I have to...
  9. J

    Hello world

    A warm hello and welcome to this thread first of all, and I really hope you would leave here entertained, and leave me bruised and wiser. :) I just found out my company would be retrenching in November, and that sucks, but, as my daddy always said, knowledge is power. So here I am, taking...
  10. S

    Building Lead Acid Batteries

    Found this webpage for DIY lead acid batteries. and thought it might be interesting. In special the book from 1922 on the page is a goldmine for everybody interested in the topic. Here the direct link to the detailed table of contents. I remembered that I have seen old battery assemblies...
  11. V

    iPad Mini parts DIY kit Where to buy

    Hi all Im looking for a retailer of ipad/phone parts. My mother recently smashed her ipad mini screen/digitiser. I want to fix it for her but I have no idea where i can get genuine parts for apple products Thinking of starting a business fixing screens and so on. Thank you :wtf::wtf:
  12. Thor

    Need help with a Project (LCD Display)

    Hey, I looked around and saw I had some old parts here. I basically want to use the LCD laptop display I have and turn it into a sweet small Monitor, but I have no idea how to do the wiring and if I actually need a LCD controller board, I kind of think that I will need the controller board so...
  13. T

    Drilling and electricals

    Hey guys I'm planning to put up a bunch of shelves with L-brackets but am scared of hitting any electrical wiring in the drilling process. The plugs are only about 2cm long each. I know very little of how electrical wiring gets laid during construction but was hoping at least the top 2cm of...
  14. Inky1980

    Built on without plans, want to sell home. Need advice.

    Hi all. I had an extra room built on to my house some time ago without having plans approved. Yes, I know....stupid me. Prior to that, I tried to obtain the original plans through the city, but that became a nightmare. I want to sell my house now, what do I do? Can I have the plans drawn...
  15. E

    How to easily slide in a tight fitting kitchen counter top using packing tape

    I recently removed one of the melamine counter tops in our kitchen to make it a bit shorter so our washing machine could fit into the kitchen without blocking the door. Removing the counter was fairly easy, and trimming it was a breeze. Refitting the top seemed impossible because it had to slot...
  16. S

    DIY Quadcopter

    Not sure which section to post in, so if it needs to be moved - apologies :) I'm in need of a new project this December, and I've been keen to do my own quadcopter for a long time. My electronic knowledge is decent, having done 2/3 years of it recently at varsity - so the flight controller...
  17. G

    Pastel Evvolution Single user Install

    Looking at running pastel evolution, I contacted sage and tried to by the product, I was contacted by one of their partners and quoted 35000(labour) for an install. Thought that was a little crazy.. Anyone know if it can be installed ones self ?
  18. R

    Woodworking: where to buy wood

    Hi All, In desperation I am starting a thread on MyBroadband to ask this question. I want to build a table and I am looking for thick planking. In particular I need 30mm thick boards, the largest of which has dimensions 1300mm by 700mm. Board thickness is not critical but must be at least...
  19. M

    Building a braai

    I have a covered area outside our kitchen. I want to convert this into a sort of braai room. Sort of a DIY project over the next few month. First off I want to build a braai. I was thinking of a brick braai instead of the black sheet metal braais. The length of the area I have is about 2 to 3...
  20. R

    DIY ADT remotes

    I want to get two more ADT remotes for my alarm system, but I don't fork out R400 for call out + R300 per remote (R1000 total). Anyone try to DIY additional remotes for their alarm? If you have, please let me know if it worked.