1. P

    Home DIY - Plastering to get the same texture

    Anyone know of a source where I can get info on how to do plastering to match the texture that is on the wall? I replaced a pipe and want the new plaster to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the wall, but could not get it right Any ideas? PS: The wall is a rough texture and I only...
  2. RazedInBlack

    Dremel DIY Tools

    Anybody here has one of these nifty tools? Wheres the best price to get one. I'm thinking, the 300 Series for now. Cord or cordless? Which is better? I'm amazed at the number of attachment that you could add to this tool! :whistle...
  3. P

    Where to buy "hairpin" or other table legs in SA?

    Hi Guys, In the coming weeks I want to to together my own table and as part of it I need an awesome set of table legs. Ive seen these on the net and does anyone know where to get them in JHB? If not, I havent really found a source for places to buy legs for a table. I...
  4. R

    DIY Home alarm system(s)

    Advice needed on DIY systems. Best places to buy from, good prices etc. Sure, there are previous posts about this, but they seem a little dated. I'm looking for an easy to install system with 3 - 4 PIR's, some door/window guards, modular. Reasonably priced! From what i've seen wireless is...
  5. A

    dstv forum attachment

    hi! i was wondering if someone can assist. i registered on the dstv forum last night. they have an DIY installation document but i cant access the pdf at the moment: you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have...
  6. V

    Anybody knows about mini-fix connector?

    Hi, guys! I do some DIY (small cabinet) and wanna make it pretty. There is hidden connector for panels named "mini-fix" (like here: ). Anybody knows where to buy such stuff? It's quite cheap detail (around R1-R10 in normal countries)...
  7. C

    toilet DIY

    Hi, Can someone tell me the name of what I am looking for. I have a push down button flush toilet. The button is connected on the bottom to a long plastic arm, the far end of the arm hooks onto a loop above the flush valve thing. Push down the button, and the arm pivots up, this lifts the...
  8. jes

    Want an iPad 3? Do it yourself

    Want an iPad 3? Do it yourself An enterprising Chinese man has come up with a solution for gadget-crazy people who desperately want Apple’s popular iPad tablet computer but cannot afford it — DIY.
  9. Budza

    Please help! PC Diagnosis Required

    HTPC/gaming rig, connected via GFX (DVI->HDMI cable) to 42" LCD HDTV. Win 7 Ultimate x64. When turning on, about 40% of the time, the fans just go at max speed, and monitor never comes on. Other 60%, there's that initial loudness, then things settle down and all is OK. When running, after...
  10. C

    Don't DIY your carkit...get a BMW

    iPhone and iPad accessories!
  11. A

    How do I Upgrade My Laptop's SATA Hard Drive?

    Hello all, I currently have a 160 GB that is fast running out of space. I want to change it myself because it will save me money. I have spotted a couple of affordable 2.5" internal HDDs, and I want to get a 500GB one. I will buy an enclosure along with it, ghost the old into the new and...
  12. F

    how to build your own remote switch

    Hi guys I'm trying to find info on building my own remote switch for the Sony cameras that take a "D" shaped 10pin input. The original sony one is called the RM AV2 ( . However the shape and functionality of this switch does not suit...
  13. krycor

    Wifi Antennae wiring.. 1 or 2 wires?

    So i've got this old ADSL router that we use as a bridge and i since for one of the other routers i changed the antennae to a 8db antennae i have a 5db one lying around. Now the adsl one i have came with a small 3db one built in and i figured i'd just change it but things are never easy. Its...
  14. HapticSimian

    Thermo-nuclear home theatre

    As mentioned here, the new home theatre setup Sony SA spoilt me with as compensation for their repair agents' effect on my blood pressure left me with a bit of a hassle - SPACE! So, 90 degree rotation of the living room is now complete. I had flashbacks of a less happy time, around 4 years...
  15. J

    Geyser switch won't stay up

    Google seems useless with this so hoping someone here has the answer? I switch my geyser off and on (for bout an hour) every day (power saving, etc). Now I tried to switch it back on and the switch wont "click" and stay switched on. This has happened before and the guy fixed it, but is it...
  16. Nod

    DIY pfSense firewall system

    Source: Techrepublic Lots more info at the link.
  17. Budza

    Fuel overflow line- Fix needed

    1996 Opel Astra: Fuel overflow line has a small leak. Drips petrol for the first 75km or so of each fillup. Line runs from top of tank back to about midway along the filler pipe. If this is not the overflow hose, what is it? To replace this, I would need to drop the tank to get to the top of...
  18. bwana


    Anyone have any success in DIY'ing one? I've just picked up a nice big piece of heavy black fabric for a backdrop (7m x 2.5m) and I realised I'm going to need some decent lighting.
  19. P

    Breaking through concrete/cement

    Hey guys, Recently one of the pipes that lead water in to the house has leaked. It is old and quite rusted so I know I will have to trace and replace a lot of it. This isn't the problem. The problem is the area of the pipe. The pipe is close to the wall and is covered by cement/concrete...
  20. blunomore

    What do you normally do on a Sunday?

    Church ? Lazing around at home ? Enjoying the lovely outdoors weather we have at the moment ? Sleeping the entire day away ?