Line locked


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Oct 2, 2005
I'm not sure what the hell is going on.

My aunt had a normal Telkom landline which was transferred to her new residence 2 years ago and then replaced by a FLLA phone last year. She was using the phone perfectly fine until Wednesday last week when it suddenly didn't want to make or receive called and played a message stating that "your account has been locked, please contact customer care". The last bill she received at end of February shows she has a credit balance of R500.

Numerous calls to Telkom customer care and the problem remains unresolved. It seems they themselves don't know what is going on. I was told that:
a) the phone is in her deceased husbands name (False. We struggled for a year to have them do a change of ownership. The bill she received in February is in her name.
b) the line was cancelled (Also not true. Nobody cancelled it)

I'm going around in circles being punted from one customer care agent to the next and each time the story changes. The latest is that the postpaid line has now magically converted to a prepaid line and we need to load a voucher for it to work.

Before trying to buy a voucher is there any way to check if the phone is in fact prepaid? *188# does not work. Says invalid MMI code.

Can anyone help?


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Mar 23, 2012
You are not alone. I have a prepaid phone. Did not recharge this year as I hardly use it. Decided to recharge it in May by dialling *188# and I get the same message about my account being locked. Dicked around a bit trying to contact support, did not get anywhere so gave up.