Mark Rayner


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Jul 22, 2003
Mark Rayner is the general manager: DStv Mobile South Africa.

Mark was previously the CFO at DStv Mobile and the Finance Director at Dartline.

Mark holds a BCom CA, Economics, Accountancy from Rhodes University


Mark Rayner is the General Manager of DStv Mobile South Africa and has overseen the launch of South Africa’s first broadcast Mobile TV service. He graduated from Rhodes University in 1997 and was admitted as a chartered accountant (South Africa) in 2002 after serving his articles at KPMG.

He held various positions in the Bidvest Group, which included the post of Group Financial Controller of Bidcorp Plc; a LSE listed transport group, and Finance Director of Dartline Limited; a short haul shipping line.

Mark joined MultiChoice as CFO of DStv Mobile South Africa in 2007 and was later promoted to General Manager in October 2008. DStv Mobile is the mobile television division of MultiChoice. It aggregates mobile TV content & services for a number of mobile devices by using both broadcast and streaming technologies.

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