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Jun 5, 2008
A while back I wrote a password generator based on an xkcd comic that highlighted a potential way to make more memorable passwords. I adopted it for generating passwords for all sorts of things, including passwords that shouldn't be shared by being shouted across an open-plan office. This got me thinking that if there was something offensive about it people would be reluctant to share passwords as freely. A couple of giant leaps in technically flawed logic later I had created, a webservice that generates passwords based on the principles of the original xkcd comic, but with the following twists:

# the words are in afrikaans - almost no scriptkiddies are running afrikaans for brute force
# the words are either a swearword, an animal, a body part or a family member.

This turned out to /*sometimes*/ generate hilarious passwords. Often they were nonsensical and meaningless. Often they are so inappropriate jack parow would censor them.

Check it out, with the disclaimer that there's more work needed to the service to get passwords from it that are truly secure, and if you do actually use one as your password I take no liability for when you need to give your grandmother/boss/priest your password. Or for anything at all that could occur from adopting such a clearly inappropriate password.
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Oct 19, 2007
Personally I favour a tiered system:

Re-use weak-ish passwords for all the sites that aren't connected to identity / credit card (forums etc)...had passwords in this class get burned before...I care not
Last pass random password for stuff connected to both ID and credit card...but that I don't particularly care about enough that I need to recover if Lastpass dies in a ball of flames by some odd sequence of events
Unique strong pass & Two factor for mission critical - banking, mail, steam.

Strong passwords aren't that difficult. I don't go for the whole gibberish "strong" password thing thats just too much hassle...but a good mix of words in multiple languages and a sprinkling of chars/numbers can be easy to remember yet impossible to break. Hybrid dictionary attacks break passwords with obvious substitutions like L0stcaus3 not combinations of say Latin & Afrikaans with a couple odd chars that have specific meaning to you.