1. losta

    'An indictment of South Africa': whites-only town Orania is booming

    Incredibly, 25 years after the fall of apartheid, Orania is a place for white people only. .... The reality, however, is a disquieting and entirely white town, littered with old apartheid flags and monuments to the architects of segregation. While there are no rules preventing black people from...
  2. B

    Dutch Development Jobs

    I'm seeing lots of advertising recently on Facebook and Youtube by a Dutch based software development company that seems to look for Afrikaans speaking South African devs. Very peculiar angle and fairly aggressive advertising campaign this... is anyone here familiar with this company and the...
  3. A

    Afrikaans spell checker

    Hello everyone I am looking for a Afrikaans spell check for Windows 10, Office 2013. I downloaded WSpel, but (1) they do not have instructions for Windows 10 - and the Windows 8 instructions do not work. (2) When I completed the entire instruction, my system crashed and the spell check did not...
  4. S

    'n Verlore Verstand [PC/Mac/Linux] [Greenlight]

    Hi My BB community, We just wanted to let you all know about our new game 'n Verlore Verstand, we also started up a Steam Greenlight campaign and we would really appreciate it if you could give us a vote and spread the word as much as you can: Also, be sure to...
  5. M

    Memorable password generator

    A while back I wrote a password generator based on an xkcd comic that highlighted a potential way to make more memorable passwords. I adopted it for generating passwords for all sorts of things, including passwords that shouldn't be shared by being shouted across an open-plan office. This got me...
  6. A

    Lesufi: Afrikaans schools use language to create ‘enclaves’

    Lesufi: Afrikaans schools use language to create ‘enclaves’ 2015-05-27 15:57 Sipho Masondo, City Press Johannesburg - Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has accused Afrikaans-medium schools of using language as a pretext for excluding other races from enrolling in their schools. The...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    SABC asks why "everyone is concerned with Afrikaans"

    “Why is everyone concerned with Afrikaans?” asks SABC SABC television channels are undergoing an overhaul which has nothing to do with Afrikaans language programmes
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Gmail now supports Afrikaans and isiZulu

    Gmail now supports SA languages Google has announced 13 new languages for Gmail, with two South African languages among them
  9. S

    Webontwikkelaar - Centurion

    Die pos is gebaseer in Kloofsig, Centurion by Maroela Media. Om te kwalifiseer benodig jy ʼn toepaslike nagraadse kwalifikasie en formele opleiding in webontwerp en/of programmering. Die volgende sal tot jou voordeel strek: ervaring in die ontwerp en uitleg vir WordPress-temaontwikkeling die...
  10. I

    So, wanting to speak to an Afrikaans Telkom support agent makes you a racist?

    Well, I don't normally rant and rave about service providers, but today I came across the best excuse for bad service. After listening to the recorded phone call twice (yes, I record my phone calls) I could still not figure out where I said I don't want to speak to a black person, or any...
  11. LazyLion

    Only a Minority of Afrikaans Speakers are White

    More black, coloured, and Indian South Africans speak Afrikaans at home than white South Africans, the SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) said on Monday. According to a recent SAIRR study, based on data from the 2011 census, only 40 percent of those who speak Afrikaans at home are whites...
  12. W

    Afrikaanse musiek

    Gunsteling afrikaanse liedere: Hou My Vas Korporaal - Bernoldus Niemand Koos kombuis- Lisa se klavier Johannes Kerkorrel - Al le Die Berge Nog So Blou Sonja Herold - Ek verlang na jou...
  13. jes

    YouTube now supporting Afrikaans and isiZulu

    YouTube now supporting Afrikaans and isiZulu Google announced that YouTube is available in two new South African languages: Afrikaans and isiZulu
  14. D

    Afrikaans Spell Checker for Google Chrome Hack!

    Hi guys I recently got really frustrated with Google Chrome not having a Afrikaans Spell Checker. So after some googling I found a method where you can override the dictionary of another language with a Afrikaans one! I choose to override the German dictionary, here is how you do it on...
  15. jes

    Firefox 4 now in Northern Sotho, Afrikaans and South African English

    Firefox 4 now in Northern Sotho, Afrikaans and South African English The local community of volunteer translators at have translated Firefox 4 into Northern Sotho, Afrikaans and South African English
  16. S

    M-Net Cancels Egoli !!!

    M-Net and Franz Marx productions have made a joint decision to end Egoli in March 2010! For that reason M-Net rescheduled Egoli and Binnelanders so that Binnelanders will start at 18:00 and Egoli at 18:30. This is so that Binnelanders, which will continue past March 2010, won't overlap with...
  17. rpm

    Firefox 3 speaks Afrikaans

    Firefox 3 speaks Afrikaans