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Mikrotik and USB Modem


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Jun 5, 2014
Hello, So I have a Mikrotik ROS L5 5xGE 5xFE 1xSFP 1x2,4GHz Desktop Router and it is currently using a Huawei K3765 and it is working perfectly, however it is not our modem, so I bought a Vodafone one (ZTE Model: K4201-Z), but this modem does not work with the Mikrotik.

My question, is there someone here with experience regarding what modems are compatible with that specific Mikrotik and/or is it possible to load the Vodafone (ZTE Model: K4201-Z) with Huawei K3765 firmware?

The vodafone(ZTE Model: K4201-Z) modem does show up on the usb in the RouterOS however the ports and stuff is not working etc, but the current Huawei K3765 does work plug n play perfectly
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Sep 6, 2007
..and no... the -Z part indicated the modem is manufactured by ZTE, a more "value" oriented modem manufacturer. Huawei is still the best.