Mirror Trading International

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LOL shes a sly one. I bet 1% of what she is talking about as "fact" in this recording is complete fiction.

Jesus she hits every buzz word on point throughout this recording. She is so well versed in the art of poop out of her mouth.

Everything is fine and then, "ITS ALL GONE GUYS".

Bitconnect also stated , "EVERYTHING IS FINE GUYS" and then overnight it went to the gutter.
Yeah, when it comes to “i see your reasoning, and i raise you my confidence”, she has refined the art. After every response she gives im like ”ag fok die maplotters gaan dit glo”
Does anyone know what replies members are getting when they try to withdraw since business is uninterrupted.

I hope the admin people who have helped keep up the appearances of trading and who spent the time manually checking requests over the weekend remember what happened to Bernie Maddof's backroom staff.
Not open for further replies.