Mob 'necklace' robber OMG!


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Nov 16, 2007
When they necklace a person, they usually cut his hamstrings so that he cannot run away and they then place a petrol filled tyre over his head and light it. The person arms are usual bound so he lies there as the flames burn his face, rubber melts and burns him, this is not a quick death unless the person is lucky enough to pass out. The community also amuses themselves by running up and hitting and slashing the culprit to show their contempt for them.
nice.... very vicious. You seen this happen?


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Jul 29, 2005
nice.... very vicious. You seen this happen?
I've seen it happen in Duncan Village and I ran before they could set the person alight. Irrespective of the crime, its very vicious.

I've also seen them burning a "plastic bag" to those who ignored consumer boycotts.

My mother's colleague was wrongly accused. Whole Khumalo family were burned with in their house (also Duncan Village).

I still remember struggling to sleep at night because when you hear people singing outside, you just never knew who would be a victim. Also, I didn't help with my mom always showing them the finger every time there was a "No work" strike. Luckily, they left her alone because she was nurse and at times, she helped a lot of people who were injured by the South African Police.