MWEB 10mbps line free upgrade


New Member
Apr 1, 2021
I originally had a 4mbps line from MWEB. During the course of the last 2 months my line had been upgraded to a 5mbps and a few weeks later a 10mbps line. I have not seen speed increases and after phoning MWEB, I was advised that the speed should kick in by the end of March, otherwise I should phone client services and get it downgraded back to a 5mbps line and see if that changes things. I was also advised to swap out my uncapped package for a premium capped package by the MWEB consultant, however, there do not seem to be any capped ADSL packages from any ISP right now. I am currently paying R521 p/m and getting speedtest results of around 1.8-2.6 (2.6 on a good day). I feel like I am paying too much for that, and with no fibre in the area yet there isnt many other options. I am yet to downgrade to a 5mbps line, but I would be happy to get some alternative internet package suggestions from the community or just general advice.