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Jan 5, 2009
MWEB was launched in 1997 by the multinational media group, Naspers. For the past eight years, it has been South Africa’s leading Internet Service Provider, and has now expanded its operations to other parts of Africa and the Far East.

MWEB Holdings is South Africa's largest Internet Service Provider with over 350 000 dial-up and broadband members in both the home and business markets.

The success MWEB enjoys in its home country has encouraged it to extend its offering to other parts of Africa through its subsidiary companies MWEB Namibia, MWEB Nigeria and MWEB Zimbabwe, and to the Far East through MWEB Thailand.

MWEB's corporate headquarters are in Cape Town while, MWEB Business is based in Johannesburg. It also has offices in Durban, and operates nationally.
MWEB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Naspers, which includes MultiChoice, M-Net, SuperSport and Media24 (newspapers and magazines).
MWEB is a South Africa's second largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) founded in 1997. As of March 2011 it has approximately 350 000 subscribers. The company comprises two main divisions: MWEB Connect, which is focused on the residential and small business market, and MWEB Business, which offers products and services for medium and large businesses.

As one of the first Internet Service Providers in South Africa, MWEB grew quickly from its founding in 1997. In 2004 it also launched Polka, a low cost ISP. A year later, the South African division of Italian owned ISP Tiscali was acquired by MWEB.

In June 2008 Naspers, owner of MWEB, announced that the ISP would be auctioned off. The reason given was the MWEB would be concentrating on developing its wireless broadband network while Naspers's core business was as a content provider. In November 2008, the company announced that the auction had been cancelled due to the global contraction in credit markets.

During 2009 MWEB changed its focus to mobile internet and started development and design on its mobile site

MWEB is owned by Multichoice South Africa, a subsidiary of media conglomerate Naspers. The ISP operates nationally, with its headquarters in Cape Town and offices in the cities of Johannesburg and Durban. The company has three retail stores in South Africa, namely in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Pretoria

Source: Wikipedia