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Oct 7, 2013
I purchased a data a 200 mb data bundle on my nashua mobile account on the 21/09/2013,on the 2/10/2013 when my airtime was loaded my bundle disappeared i then used up my airtime instead of the bundle that i purchased. I then got the shock of my life when I got the error message insufficient airtime to make a call on the 3/10/2013 when my airtime had just been loaded. I checked my airtime and available data on my phone and low and behold the data bundle with a remaining 100 mb was gone. I contacted nashua mobile on the 4/10/2013 and was told i would be sent the USD information for a fault that was going to be logged. Nothing happend. I contacted the call centre again on Monday morning, only to be told that the agent is not able to assist as the original agent was on a call and he would call me back, this after holding for 20 minutes. This was after nine the morning. At four the afternoon after still not receiving a callback from the said agent I then contacted the call center again... waiting another 10 minutes while this time waiting for a manager to come and take the call. I was then informed that there is no manager available to take my call and that the manager would get back to me before close of business. I then received a callback from the first agent after 6 pm to tell me that that the issue is still not resolved.

This is definitely not on! The service that i receive is not up to scratch with being pushed from pillar to post. Promises that are made and not kept. I am not happy that nashua mobile is trying to look for loop holes. Why do i have to prove that the data bundle is missing when the agent in the first place could tell me the same thing. The fact that this is completely the fault of nashua mobile and there systems is not something that I should have to prove. Sending me a useage reporting and asking me to check if there are any discrepancies is not my duty. It is the responsibility of Nashua mobile to resolve my query in a timely manner. This needs to be sorted out by nashua mobile. Tell me stories is not going to make me happy. I pay my account every month, and i want my issue resolved like the loyal client that i have been. This is the first time that i have received such pathetic and shocking service from nashua mobile, and it is completely pathetic that I need to beg and be angry about something that is completely the fault of nashua mobile. Discrepancies on a document that a normal layman would not understand is not the way to go with a resolution!