Naspers hits out at Google over tax dodge

So time for Google to edit out all DSTV, News24, and affiliated websites from its indexes....? Does Naspers want a war? What would happen if all their websites dropped out of Google?

Naspers is going to start their own search engine based on Google's advertising principles and philosophies, they will baptise it as Nasper :p

They are already purchasing domains very close to our company domain and name, squatting...
Oh please! Naspers are just moaning because they're feeling threatened.
And in related news, Zuma complains about corruption.
Naspers et al... If you have invested a miniscule of what Google has, I would hear you.

If you are cracking because your high power supported monopoly is "threatened", then I shed no tears for you.

You time is up and in a few years, you and other companies like you, will be an irrelevant memory.
Talking about ethical behaviour Naspers owns Multichoice and Mweb, and we all know our good ol friends Multichoice and Mweb love fisting us consumers.

So ja not sure why they feel the need to lecture Google who provides many free services. (which we could not live without). Look at Android, Google Maps, Google Apps for Business (previously free) and Google Search Engine as just some examples.

Now imagine mutlichoice providing SABC channels free, or even some learning channels free, seeing that their bouquets increase EVERY year what like 8% or more? Naspers sounds like the EFF now.
"However, notes where the companies are not registered locally, they will not be subject to a local income or purchase tax."

Which is why I said this won't touch Netflix, Hulu or any other purely US$ based business with no official local presence.