Network Printer Setup


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Mar 16, 2009
Here's the deal. My PC runs Linux Mint Gloria and it connects perfectly well to a USB printer. I also have a netbook running Linpus Linux Lite and I want to connect the netbook to the printer over the wireless network. Do I need to create some sort of workgroup on my mint pc for the netbook to access? If so, how?

When installing the printer on the netbook, I have to select the connection type. My options are:
1. Windows Printer via SAMBA
2. Appsocket/ HP Jetdirect
3. Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)
4. LPD/LPR Host or printer

I tried option 4 as it seemed the most likely option and I require a:
Description (human readable)
Location (human readable) and
Device URI. From what I gather, Device URI is the location for the computer to understand. To what do I set device URI as if my PC running mint is called "john-minty" and on the mintPC it's device URI is USB://Brother/MFC-8420 or have I gone completely awry?

Do I need to create a "workgroup" of sorts on my mintPC and the Linpus PC should pick up the printer automatically. Do I need to set the printer as a shared device on my mintPC - if so, how?

Drivers are not the issue here as the printer program on Linpus has my printer model listed.

Please help me. Thank you.

If I need to provide more info, let me know exactly what is needed