1. seedat77

    Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges Combo - 445XL and 446XL

    For Sale Item name: Canon Pixma ink cartridges 445XL and 446XL Age and condition: Brand new sealed Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not needed Price: R500 for both Negotiable: Slightly Location: Durban Shipping or collection: Colllection Selling 2 brand new Canon...
  2. J

    Ink tank printer suggestion

    Looking for a cheap ink tank printer for home use. Thinking of buying this one. Is this a good choice or should I go for something different?
  3. PhireSide

    Inkjet vs Ink Tank printer for low-volume printing

    We have a Canon MX394 printer that performs just abysmally when printing lately. Mono printing is streaky after countless head and nozzle cleaning sessions, and the colours are all washed out. Genuine cartridges are about R250 ea for colour and B&W, and they last a few dozen pages before fading...
  4. J

    50,000 printers hacked to tell people to subscribe to PewDiePie

    50,000 printers hacked to tell people to subscribe to PewDiePie Twitter user @HackerGiraffe has hacked 50,000 printers, causing them to print a message asking users to subscribe to PewDiePie. Popular gaming YouTuber PewDiePie has had the most subscribers on the platform for years, but was...
  5. X

    Drivers for Konica Minolta Fax 2900

    Good day As stated I am looking for any drivers or software, or any one that can assist me to get the printer working and functioning with Windows 10. Konica Minolta's website is completely trash and only offer drivers for newer printers. I also contacted their support, which promises a reply...
  6. Creag

    Ink Tank Printer Recommendation

    I need to buy a new printer for home use. Use is mainly for school related projects and a small business. Both require colour prints. Prints where I can adjust quality (especially for where I need to print orders for my business where quality is important). Need to scan documents. Something...
  7. vorman

    Printer Recommendations for student

    Looking for printer recommendations. Have not bought a printer in ages and don't even know what is out there now. It is required mainly for university student to print notes and assignments every now and then, so not looking to spend more than a R1000 I think. The notes however, may add up to...
  8. N

    Unused equipment : CCTV Cameras, Barcode scanners, Voip phone, Canon Printer

    Item: Wireless Barcode Scanner Vcall / with USB data receiver Age: > 1 year Warranty: No Packaging: No Condition: Unused, like new Location: Crown Mines, JHB Reason: Unused equipment Shipping: Yes, for your cost and to arrange Collection: Yes, preferable Price: 400.00 (Market NEW...
  9. L

    Suggestions: colour laser printer

    A brief bit of history: Had HP 5L (mono) laser, was exceedingly happy with it but started to struggle to find cartridges for it. Had Samsung wifi colour laser. Never again. never Samsung anything again. Have HP wifi colour laser printer/scanner/copier/fax combo, pretty good but the ink...
  10. J

    Problem with new Samsung Printer / Scanner - mirror image

    Hi Guys I just bought a new SAMSUNG ProXpress M3870FD 4-in-1 printer from Makro. Everything is working except for the scanning in Microsoft Office! It scans perfectly using the supplied Samsung software, but when I follow the "Insert Picture from Scanner/Camera" option directly in MS...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Do you own or use a printer?

    Do you own a printer and use it at home, or do you have a printer at work which is used regularly? With services and products moving online, does the printer still have a place in the modern office?
  12. seedat77

    Giveaways - Printer, GPS Receiver, Car Hands Free Kit

    Giveaways This stuff is lying around and I thought I'll put it up before I toss them out. Item name: Epson Stylus CX5900 Colour Ink Jet Printer & Scanner Age and condition: A few years old, didn't use it much, worked the last time I used it. No ink included. Do you include packaging: No...
  13. S

    Does anybody know any reliable Printer Repair & Servicing companies in Durban?

    We have lots of printers in our office that need to either get repaired or have it's yearly service. Are there any good companies in Durban that I can send them to? I've tried the main Samsung Centre for the samsung products however they almost always never assist with servicing and their...
  14. ronz91

    How to tell if you can use generic ink refilling with your printer?

    Hey guys Just wanted to get some opinions from people with experience with refilling printers. My friend told me about his printer that uses seperate ink tanks. Hey can therefore just buy generic ink and refill the tanks with a syringe. But in addition he told me that this particular printer...
  15. U

    Kodak ESP C 110 AIO sheet not feeding but input tray loaded

    Kodak ESP C110 AIO sheet feeds, gets creased then printer stops and gives error message "out of paper" when input tray is loaded. Please help.
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    MWEB’s free Wi-Fi network keeps on growing

    MWEB’s free Wi-Fi network keeps on growing The MWEB-Fon Wi-Fi network has grown rapidly in the last year, now boasting 35,000 hotspots
  17. J

    Xerox WorkCentre Pro 123 - Excellent condition [S]

    Item name: Xerox WorkCentre Pro 123 Age and condition: Approximately 6 years old. Immaculate condition. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: No longer needed Price: R13,500 Negotiable: Yes (but please be reasonable) Location: Somerset West, Western Cape...
  18. Z

    Fill Jet Ink cartridge refill kit

    Does anyone perhaps know where i can get the Fill Jet set from Glomail. No shop has it and Glomail also doesnt seem to stock it... Or perhaps can anyone suggest a similar product which will do the same job. Thank You Zizo911
  19. D

    How-To Continious Ink Supply System (CISS) for HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus

    My previous CISS & Printer did not survive my move, so I had to buy a new one of each. I settled on the HP 8600 and after some challenges managed to find a CISS that works. WATCH OUT, these things, like DVDs, are region protected. Demand from relatives and friends were high when I did my...
  20. F

    CD/DVD Printing Price

    Hi all, I have a Canon IP7240 and was recently asked by a friend to print onto CD\DVD for him. How much should I charge per disc? I tried to get average photo prints per set of cartridges but i'm now more lost than ever. the cartridges are about R 200 each and it needs 5 so total...