Problem with new Samsung Printer / Scanner - mirror image


New Member
Jun 17, 2014
Hi Guys

I just bought a new SAMSUNG ProXpress M3870FD 4-in-1 printer from Makro.
Everything is working except for the scanning in Microsoft Office!

It scans perfectly using the supplied Samsung software, but when I follow the "Insert Picture from Scanner/Camera" option directly in MS Word, it scans as a MIRRORED IMAGE.

I have tried every possible google phrase to no avail. I have uninstalled / re-installed / updated all software and all drivers. It even scans the right side up to MS Paint, but not to Office (Word, Power Point, etc).

Tried using the custom insert option, it then seems to scan correctly, but as soon as I click on "insert" it inserts the image as mirrored in the Word document. WEIRD!!!

Is there anyone that has any advice?