1. J

    Problem with new Samsung Printer / Scanner - mirror image

    Hi Guys I just bought a new SAMSUNG ProXpress M3870FD 4-in-1 printer from Makro. Everything is working except for the scanning in Microsoft Office! It scans perfectly using the supplied Samsung software, but when I follow the "Insert Picture from Scanner/Camera" option directly in MS...
  2. Leo_

    OBD II Connector

    Hi, Does anyone here know where I can buy a proper OBDII connector and reader for my car. I want to be able to connect it up to my smartphone. I had my eye on this - Seems to be a great product 4.5 stars from 4000 reviews. However it does not ship to SA Any...
  3. QuintonB

    Instagram support coming to QR code company

    Scan integrates Instagram support QR codes make following Instagram users more accessible.
  4. N


    Just heard of diascan today. Diascan more like Diascam (see what i did there). Anyway how are businesses like this allowed to operate. What recourse is available? Is this a case of false advertising? I mean this is at the very least a con, and the worst could result in someone thinking...
  5. NomNom

    Printer Problem (HP PSC 1315)

    Hi there all So I have this HP PSC 1315 that's been lying around for ages (1 inch thick dust). The problem is it doesn't have ink cause it's too expensive R202 for a standard colour. is there anyone out there that maybe has an empty colour or black cartridge? I ask cause I want to use the...
  6. S

    Graphic Design: How to generate bar codes?

    Hi. I have a client for whom I have done some of their product packaging designs. They now require barcodes to be included on the designs. They've sent me the actual physical barcode stickers. How do I get this into a digital format? I obviously can't scan it, as the quality will be...
  7. A

    Afrihost now asking for scan of Credit Card

    Hi, Afrihost seems to be sending the following message to those who sign up now: "Hi ****** Our system has been unable to verify your credit card details, please can you send a scan of the front and back of the card? Thanks Please feel free to let me know if I can be of further...