1. S

    Printer advice

    Im looking to get a printer for home use. It doesn't have to be colour or multi-functional just for basic printing. What can you advise? Something not too expensive and ofcourse with a good page yield. Do toners for laser printers really last longer then ink? Is the added cost...
  2. Rouxenator

    Hard copy your data - up to 3MB per A4 page

    So I have this 200kb file I want to take home, but I do not have my flash drive with me and I am too lazy to plug in my phone as use it as mass storage. I also do not feel like opening Outlook so emailing the file home is not an option. The idea that I then got was what if you could print the...
  3. carstensdj

    Ink Level Monitor?

    Hi Guys. We have an HP 8500A All-In-One Printer and i'm looking for something that can send me alerts as to when the Ink Levels reach a certain level... Does anyone know of a free piece of software that can do this for me?
  4. jes

    Lexmark Genesis S815 review (MyBroadband)

    Lexmark Genesis S815 review (MyBroadband) Lexmark's S815 Genesis is a scanner/printer/copier/fax that is being touted as the “Worlds first now-in-one printer” - we go hands on to see if it holds up to that claim
  5. A

    Wireless printer connection

    I brought a telkom mega 100wr with me when I moved from South Africa to Australia. I can connect to the router with my laptop, also from SA, but am now trying to set up a Canon wirelss printer that I bought in Oz. I cannot get the printer onto the network. Is the signal different in Oz? Can I...
  6. LazyLion

    Reliable Printer Repairs in Joburg

    I think I asked this before but didn't really get a good answer. Does anyone know of a company that repairs printers in the Joburg area?
  7. BigAl-sa

    Permissions: VirtualBox USB devices

    I have a really weird problem which seems to be permissions related. I have four USB devices (two printers, a scanner and a tablet) that I use directly in the guest OS (XP). I can access the scanner, tablet and one printer under VBox's devices menu and use them with no problem under the guest...
  8. M

    Network Printer Setup

    Here's the deal. My PC runs Linux Mint Gloria and it connects perfectly well to a USB printer. I also have a netbook running Linpus Linux Lite and I want to connect the netbook to the printer over the wireless network. Do I need to create some sort of workgroup on my mint pc for the netbook to...
  9. LazyLion

    Printer Ink Now $8,000 A Gallon: Class Action suit follows That's R70,544.00 a gallon for those of you wondering :) The most expensive liquid known to mankind!
  10. G

    LAN printer not showing on the network :(

    Hello everyone. How on Earth can I get my new HP color laser to show on my local network? It must be connected 100% because it actually does show with some funny string/letters name. Further, if I put its IP address in the browsers on any of the other networked pc's, it opens the printer's...
  11. mh348


    I have a few questions about Dor Matrix printers, I need to order a replacement printer for a client. 1.Whats the Difference Between the 9-Pin dot matrix printers and the 24-pin dot matrix printer? 2. From what I know you get the standard size printer that prints on a standard dot matrix...
  12. D

    Network printers going crazy! printing garbage

    For some time no our network printers will start printing all on its own. Its seems a file, Book1.xls is generated somehow, and saved on one of our server's network drives, and printed repeatedly.sometimes this happens repeatedly on a day, and some days, not at all. We recently replaced all the...
  13. S

    Best printer, scanner, copier 3 in 1 combo?

    I currently have a scanner (Epson Perfection 2480 Photo) but my Wife has to scan copy and print many documents daily and the amount of time spent in scanning, saving, printing etc is driving me crazy. Anyone know of a good quality printer, scanner, copier 3 in 1 combo? The scanner and printer...
  14. rpm

    Lexmark X6570 review

    Lexmark X6570