Networking: humorous


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Jan 12, 2016
When an expert gets owned. I won't post the content as it's Twitter and it would spoil it ;)

In many ways it reminds me of these forums.
No, what happens on this forum is there is a lot of people who read a Medium article on something (Some even think Wikipedia is an authority) and automatically assume they understand every aspect there is of a topic, but when push comes to shove they only know as much as they can get from a Google search.


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Apr 20, 2005
(Some even think Wikipedia is an authority)
It's not, now you tell me? :eek: :crying:

Quite true. Years back I contributed to a certain topic of great importance ito consumer protection. It was based upon field work, collaboration with peers internationally,law enforcement, reports in the public domain etc (Incidentally Vixie was a supporter and even offered hosting at a stage for the project). Then a few years later a chap working at a certain company and a massive social media following, declared the article be renamed as per Wikipedia PC rules. Ironically this guy himself only knew the basics on subject. The topic naming was as per the Oxford Dictionary. I objected. Article was changed, a new name allocated not in line with international renown names and real world standards. More irrelevant content was merged ... the topic is useless as it stands. Think of it optimizing Alice in Wonderland into 26 characters, A-Z, the alphabet. It's irrelevant and a waste of bits.

This year we will have to launch our own Wiki with resources we don't have, as it pertains to issues vital to consumer protection. :X3: