New MTN Sim card issues. Cannot add prepaid


Nov 18, 2008
Hi, Ok so i got my wife a ipad on Yesterday(Saturday 11/12/2011), with 3G, and also bought a pre-paid micro-sim from MTN. I activated the SIM yesterday at about 12:00 midday, and got a number instantly, and within 5 minutes, i had signal on the MTN network. I then tried to go on my FNB banking and buy some pre-paid Data, but then it failed. I tried just normal airtime as well. I tried on my iphone app and my my actual internet banking, both fail. My internet banking gives me a code of : 99052 and some error about Msisdn Validation Failed. My wife tried on her Standard Bank profile and also failed to buy Airtime. Is it possible that they sales guy forgot to mention that it may take 24 Working hours to activate. He just said 24 hours. I have tried swapping sim cards in my iphone, and can send please call me's just fine. Don't have to airtime or anything to do anything else to test it with. Does anyone have any ideas that might be causing this.

Thanks alot.


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Jun 1, 2009
You can Rica it, but sometimes take loooong time to start working. Up to a weekend long.


Aug 22, 2003
you have try to put money on the sim manually.
He just have to remember the 5c is going out of rotation, so 10c denominations and up... however, don't think it's going to work. I reckon buying a prepaid voucher at a store and entering the code like you would normally might do the trick.


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Dec 11, 2011
I bought my Micro Sim late MTN In Canal Walk. I bought it on Friday and Only managed to get it working on Sunday.....

I called MTN from that Friday till Sunday....the Consultant dealing with Data told me the Sim was not active.....then One prepaid Consultant told me the Sim was active...then another told me it was not and the only way to activate a Sim Card is by inserting it into a cellphone, they can't do it using they system.*

so the solution is to insert the MicroSim in an IPhone....else it won't work with the IPad...even if u wait for a month.....