New SABC iPlayer plans unveiled

Any business playing in the global market unable to source the best solutions at the lowest prices is doomed. This project is dead before it started with thanks to the limitations imposed on the procurement process by the ANC government, just more BEE tenderprenaurs raking in the cash providing substandard products or in the worst cases nothing!
You'd think this would be easy money for anyone to provide a streaming service. Pity you wont actually get paid..
Cute, so they couldnt even come up with their own name, instead the ANC just went with the same name used by the "colonial oppressors"

Who on earth has a fast (EDIT + uncapped) internet connection AND watches SABC

for goodness sake, even those that want their daily dose of days of our lives just watch in on youtubes

What a colossal waste of money
The planned SABC iPlayer will host 7 TV channels and 19 radio stations and have “freemium and premium models”.
Will iPlayer ask me for a TV license number to watch?
This will have dire consequences.

People who want to stream SABC are going to inveitably complain about data prices and the #datamustfall movement will be renewed.

This will lead to towers and ISP offices being torched in protest.

We are screwed.
I can already picture the BEE approved app developer and host they have chosen
It will probably be down 90% of the time
Imagine your significant other comes home early and catches you streaming SABC on your phone...