Opera to build Nokia browsers


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Dec 3, 2008
I have had a soft spot for Opera for many years and used their mobile browsers a lot. They were the only alternative to IE before Firefox was born. And they were a lot better than IE. I am happy for them that they can play in the big league now, but it also means I can let go. I don't want MS' grimy paws anywhere close to my phone or tablet.


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Apr 21, 2011
Meh ... new Opera for desktop / mobile sucks.

I had been a long time user of Opera... but their browser died when version 15 was hacked from the body parts of Chrome.
Horrible, horrid browser now.
Opera also seems to be chasing a revised business model that is the mirror image of their founding vision, and they have lost a lot on this path.
One just needs to compare their vision statement of past with theirs now.

I still use the last Opera 12 release from time to time, but Firefox and Chrome have replaced it. I have given up even downloading or testing their revised incarnations lately, except for maybe one or two versions of their developer release... but each and every one is pure meh. Opera mini and classic are still usable on android... but for how long before these get polluted with their new vision.

Trying so hard to remain relevant I suppose, cloaking their new advertising / content delivery platforms in a browser that is a cumbersome shadow of Chrome.

/meh, meh and another meh