Part Time Lead Generation


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Jul 12, 2006
Hi all

We at Rysis Software need someone part time on a commission basis for lead generation on our product Visibill

Having contacts for companies that have large quantities of mobile SIM's will be an advantage. Understanding telecoms in general will also be an advantage.

Commission is very attractive for successful leads. The lead generator just needs to generate the leads, we will perform the actual sales and onboarding process.

Please email if you are interested.


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Mar 4, 2006

Approach to Question Posed

Buy/compile for yourself a list of companies by employee count. JSE and Private.
  • Order by employee count.
  • Eliminate all below 100 employees.
  • Eliminate all above 2000 or so - they will already have systems in place to do this and it will be almost impossible to sell to them.
  • Deprioritize companies whose employees don't do a lot of moving around.
  • Eliminate companies by industries that don't typically own a lot of Sims
  • Prioritize companies that fit the categories you typically already sell to
  • Contact the IT and accounting managers who control/influence the remaining companies budgets for telecoms services via Linkedin or phone them. See if you can get a conversation going.
What You Actually Need

That being said , your company has a bigger problem than leads. Its a Dev shop full of devs. I don't see any sales or marketing guys on Linkedin working for you , and it shows , at least on your website.

Remember the first rule of marketing "Sell benefits not features" ? Your site shatters that rule. You literally put "top features" right at the top of the site. Nowhere there could I find why I should buy your software or what it can do for me. Does it save me money? Does it save me time? Does it generate revenue? Does it improve customer service? How does it work to do anything I need? I will never know , because that info aint anywhere. And if you had a marketing or sales guy , that info would be there.

The rest of the post is guessing , but I'm willing to bet the rest of your companies sales activities breaks that rule too. And its probably because you don't have a sales and marketing guy giving you direction and advice.

You say will perform the actual sales process and just need leads. But generating the leads is part of the sales process. And once the leads have formed a relationship with the lead generator , they're going to want an ongoing relationship with the lead generator. They're not going to want to be bumped to someone else who doesn't understand them or their needs halfway through the sales process. This adds to my guess that you don't have anyone to help you yet who understands sales.

Any leads you generate now will be of no use to you I think. You need to formulate a sales and marketing strategy and figure out who actually wants to pay for your product and why before you approach them. That starts with getting the services of a sales guy.

This is coming from a dev. I don't know a huge amount about sales , but I know enough that you have a long way to go before you need leads.