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Jul 22, 2003
Please follow the rules below when posting a classified ad in this forum. By not following these guidelines your ad may be locked or deleted.

Basic post guidelines
  • Use the For Sale/Trade/Wanted templates provided below
  • Make your title as descriptive as possible
  • After your title, add the following: Sale / Trade / Wanted (Example: iPhone - Sale)
  • Try to add pictures or other info where possible (upload images rather than links)
  • Edit out the parts you think are not relevant to your post.
For Sale/Trade Template
Item name (be very descriptive):
Age and condition:
Do you include packaging: Yes/No
Warranty: Yes/No
Reason for selling:
Negotiable: Yes/No
Shipping or collection:

Wanted Template
Please post in the: Wanted Sub-Forum
Item wanted (be very descriptive):
Is packaging essential?:
Desired age and condition:
Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes/No

  • Before you can post an ad you must be a member for at least a month and have a minimum 30 posts (similar to some other parts of the forum).
  • No dealers or resellers may post here (we have a dealers section for that).
  • Item must include a preferred price. No "what offers".
  • Please make offers via PM (do not post them in the thread)
  • You may not discuss pricing in other people's ads.
  • No off topic discussions. If you don't have a question related to the item, don't post.
  • Only advertise items in your possession. No adverts on behalf of 3rd parties unless you are standing in for them.
  • If you have sold/found your item please post back (hence let people know by posting in the thread)
  • No backtracking on accepted offers for higher offers. If you've accepted then it's a done deal unless the sale falls through.
  • Only bump once every 3 days.
Posts not following the guidelines and template will be deleted.
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Amendment to the above:

Prohibited items:
  • The advertisement and sale of license keys, in any form
  • The advertisement and sale of animals
  • Event tickets may only be sold at face value (or less).
  • Ebucks or similar rewards (added 5 Feb 2022)
  • Currency exchange, including crypto, (added June 2022)
Offending posts may be removed without warning and repeated offences could result in a ban.
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In addition to the above rules:
  • Do not attempt to advertise and sell items if you are not the lawful owner of said items, attempting to sell items that belong to someone else or a legal entity such as a company, constitutes fraud. Example: attempting to sell a cellphone that was obtained on a contract, where the contract is not paid off, is fraud because the cellphone still belongs to the service provider that supplied the cellphone.
The following rule of thumb applies to Classifieds threads: if it seems too good to be true, it is probably a scam.

Please report all suspicious Classifieds threads to mods [using the Report button in said posts].
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