Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ launched


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Aug 23, 2013
As a bit of a arbitrary, but also important characteristic of the new chip is that this is the first ever mobile silicon to finally pass the 3GHz frequency mark.
As to what this means for the power and efficiency of the new Snapdragon 865+: There will be a power increase to reach the higher frequencies, however this will only be linear with the increased clock speed, meaning energy efficiency of the new SoC will maintain the same excellent levels of that of the Snapdragon 865, so battery life will not be affected.

So 10% faster, linear power scaling. Expect more than phones to use it than the last refresh, ASUS Rog 3 should have the 865+ at the very least, but Qualcomm states they have more design wins this time, with e.g. Lenovo also launching a phone with it soon.

(And Apple fans, yes, this should still be ~20% slower than the A13X, but it's 73mm^2 vs 98mm^2, so 34% smaller surface area if same size as 865, so this is quite impressive. Apple's new chips should be very interesting as well if Qualcomm can do this this year).
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Joseph matane

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Feb 7, 2017
Why we don't have too many players competing in "Customer Premises Equipment" industry
Example every few months we see Qualcomm and partners announcing new technology but we don't see any new router coming to the market especially Sim Card enabled router