Rain 5G


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May 23, 2020
Rain 5G is a joke totally unprofessional. I request every one to stay away from there 5G as it is nothing but a hoax. I was one the early adopter of their 5G service where i paid for my own device R3500 approximate. It only worked well for the firat month (Nov 2019) and ever since than i have been complaining till today first there call center completely collapsed and the live chat feature was a disaster from the beginning somehow i started to correspond with someone at rain who has been in touch with me from the beginning of the first lock down and i have been requesting them to send a technician to come and check what’s wrong whichbis what i have been doing since my first fault logged. Till today no effort has been made or no technician have come to sort the connectivity issue which has been intermittent from the beginning and honestly i missed my VDSL connection which compare to rain 5G was way better. Anyway i feel like the Rain has lost the plot completely because their LTE service lasted way longer before that also became shitty and 5G truly never took off especially in our area and there is no feedback from Rain. I would suggest anyone wanting to go wireless to consider other ISP.



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May 15, 2005
Probably easier to cancel, keep the devices and sell them

Sounds like you have the outdoor unit with inside Wifi repeater/mesh unit, I am sure I read these are worth quite a bit more than you paid for them.