Rain and storm for Cpt

To me that read like those comments where someone says. "My cat died. You guys have been such a great support." so you sit in a meeting and response with a thumbs up emoji .. thinking you're saying .. We're here for you, but then later you hope it isn't seen as giving a thumbs up that the cat died.

But back to topic. Lovely cool morning. Even a slight 2 minutes drizzle in rondebosch.
Depending on which weather witchdoctor you consult, the chance of rain on Thursday is 80, 60, or zero %.

Greater Cape Town covers a large area, from Atlantis (West Coast) to Strand on the east coast of False Bay. A cutoff-low has rather restricted geographical range, so its effects will vary over parts of the city. It will definitely rain more in the south and the east, but perhaps not so much in the north and the west. The exact amounts and peak location are hard to determine in advance.

Edit: Peak rainfall is likely around midday on Thurs 15th:


Source, updates every 6 hours (next at 10am):
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Just an aside: the % on weather forecasts isn't the 'chance' it will rain. It indicates the % of the area that will experience rain.
Since when, on TV weather reports they always say there will be a 60% chance of rain?
Rained just before sunrise. Nice puffy showery clouds this morning, with no wind at present. Not typical Black South Easter conditions (yet).