Recommended ADSL Router Settings for single wired user


Jul 23, 2008
Hi all
Who can recommend/opine the best (most reliable, fastest, less hassle, least chance of problems etc) settings when it comes to: 4MB ADSL connection, Netgear modem/router, into 1 machine (NO wireless, NO phones, NO hectic security needed - for gaming only, by me and me only).

Things like PPPoE, NAT, DMZs etc I have a basic understanding of, but what would be recommended the most reliable, "OPTIMIZED" option for the above architecture/layout? I am not too worried about security - I will probably create static IP for this 1 machine only, served exclusively by the router which will only "open" this 1 address (unless this is a rubbish dea for some reason?)

I need the setup to be as "open and reliable and optimized for performance not security and features" as possible.

Thanks for the brains everyone.


Executive Member
Feb 18, 2009
Set your router to dial the PPPoE connection, because its just annoying to always dial the PPPoE connection from the PC whenever you want Internet access. I will then enable DMZ (only if you want to host services from your PC for people on the Internet - like game servers/torrents).