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  2. Wolvyreen

    Please help me understand VPN Connections on a Router

    Hi, I can't get my head around this. I would appreciate some guru to explain this to me. I have 1 router. I have a PPPoE connection to WebAfrica on my router. I have a TP-link TL-WR941ND. I setup my router as anyone in SA would. now I want to use Express VPN for privacy but can't...
  3. Z

    Mikrotik PPPoE MTU issues?

    Hello all, I'm experiencing a problem with my Mikrotik PPPoE setup, in the sense that, some sites don't load at all when connecting via PPPoE. When connecting via DHCP, it works "okay-ish". Anyone able to shed some light on what the problem could be? Setup: ADSL Router - RB750UP -...
  4. Z

    Mikrotik PPPoE Help

    Hello, I have the following network set up: DSL Router in Bridge mode --> MT RB750UP - Dial PPPoE, PPPoE Server --> Ubiquiti Bullet as Wi-Fi Access Point. The problem I am having is as follows: After configuration of PPPoE, NAT etc, network works fine. After a few days, internet...
  5. M

    Smart Village Issues

    Is anyone else using Smart Village? How has your experience been I've recently signed up to an 8mb FTTx connection running over a WAN via a wireless router. (PPPoE) The connection has it's ups and downs, but more downs than ups. And its not cheap. Any tips for a better connection? (i.e...
  6. T

    Unknown ADSL Issues from Telkom

    So it seems no-one from Telkom can help me with this issue as whenever I call through to 10210 I get told they can see nothing wrong with my line. They then call out a tech who calls me and tells me there is nothing wrong with the exchange or line. Tech then comes to house and says there is...
  7. R

    Weird Network Issue - need help!

    Hey all, Hope someone can help me as I have been battling with this for a few months and I'm really at my wits end. I have a iBurst Desktop modem, which connected to the WAN port of my IPLink router and all was working fine until one day, without any changes from my side, it stopped...
  8. B

    PPPOE Manual Connection

    Hey Guys This might seem like a rudimentary question but i cant seem to find an answer or maybe i just dont know what terms to search for, in any case. If you use a manual pppoe connection on your pc via a router while the router has a pppoe setup running on it already what happens as far as...
  9. E

    How to Dial Multiple PPPOE Client Over Single WAN Interface in Mikrotik?

    How to Dial Multiple PPPOE Client Over Single WAN Interface in Mikrotik? Detail: I got 2 ports on my mikrotik router 1xWAN & 1xLAN port I need to dial 2 or more pppoe clients over the single wan port How?
  10. K

    Need help with 800vgt not disconnecting

    About 5 days ago my 800vgt started giving trouble. The ADSL/PPP light would remain green, no sync and no connection. Phoned my ISP and they said it was using a guest account and I should change it. That didn't work. Got a new router the DSL 2750U. It drops connection every few minutes. So I...
  11. ControlAltDelete

    How do i make my modem/router PPPOE?

    Hey guys, i have a Mecer E51042 modem/router and its firewall seems to be creating unnecessary havock with certain apps, i'd like to bridge it too dial up instead of me just being able to press the button then my net is active, i have to type to login to it and this is a plain image...
  12. K

    Recommended ADSL Router Settings for single wired user

    Hi all Who can recommend/opine the best (most reliable, fastest, less hassle, least chance of problems etc) settings when it comes to: 4MB ADSL connection, Netgear modem/router, into 1 machine (NO wireless, NO phones, NO hectic security needed - for gaming only, by me and me only). Things...
  13. K

    Mikrotik ML-PPP help

    Hey Guys, I'm in the process of beefing up a client's home internet, he wants 2 4MBit ADSL lines (hopefully soon to be 8 or 10Mbit each), I'm thinking two ADSL modems, with a Mikrotik board doing ML-PPP to the two gateways, the online manual specifies client-based policies, but how can I just...
  14. O

    Help needed on how to force a pppoe through the wirless instead of the lan card

    As the heading explains: I have a desktop with pci wireless card that I always want to innitiate the pppoe through and not over the lan. The reason being I have two pppoe servers and I don't want my pc to connect to the one on the lan, which it always does unless I disable or unplug it...
  15. S

    Mega 105 Router problem

    Hi guys, my friend seems to have a problem with his telkom router that I am at a lost to explain how to sort it out, he has recently switched to mweb uncapped 384 and this used to work great on his shiro modem on windows xp he had before, but he swapped this for a telkom mega 105 modem...
  16. S

    Some site's won't load on Ubuntu

    Hi all, Got quite a strange problem. Running Ubuntu 9.04 on a laptop that connects to iBurst over PPPoE using the UTD. For some reason a few websites will not load. So far the only two I know of are dailymail.co.uk and huffingtonpost.com (I haven't tested extensively). It resolves the...
  17. W

    D-Link DSL-2640U PPPoE & Bridged

    Here's my scenario...I have a D-Link DSL-2640U set up to use PPPoE to connect to an ADSL account. My network consists of 3 PCs and a server which are all connected to the router directly. I want to configure this setup so that the server is on a seperate ADSL account. I've played around...
  18. G

    PPPoE Session Usage Limiting

    Ok, I'm getting rather annoyed with leaked usage due to * windows updates * av updates * IPv6 (specially with uTorrent) * etc What I want to be able to do is set a per-session byte count limit for the PPPoE session - say for example, 50MB. Then it must either drop the session or shape it...
  19. M

    Router Setup - Bridge or Routed!? - WRT54G

    I just got my DSL line installed by DSL. They came 6 months after I placed my order (but I'll save that for another thread). I have a problem with setting up my router (WRT54G). The line works fine although I want to setup my router in a specific way (I have another non-WAN router lying around...
  20. K

    Max PPPOE accounts running simultaneously

    Heya Guys, What are the maximum simultaneous PPPOE sessions Telkom permits? From what I’ve been experiencing it’s 2. Let me explain what I mean, let’s say there are three or more computers in a house, all connected via Ethernet, there is also a dsl modem/alvarion device connected to...