Weird Network Issue - need help!


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Sep 7, 2008
Hey all,

Hope someone can help me as I have been battling with this for a few months and I'm really at my wits end.

I have a iBurst Desktop modem, which connected to the WAN port of my IPLink router and all was working fine until one day, without any changes from my side, it stopped connecting to internet. I tried everything to get it back up but to no avail.

I subsequently put it down to a faulty WAN port on the router as the modem connected succesfully through USB and through a direct connection to my PC's LAN. For a few months I have been connecting it through USB and then sharing the connection through WiFi.

A Week ago I went out and bought a new router (Huawei HG532F) but I'm still having the same problem. No matter what I do, I can't get it connected through WAN (PPPoE) connection. Keeps telling me "No internet connection".

If I set up a PPPoE connection on Windows itself, it works (through USB as well as LAN), but can't get it to work on both routers.

Any help would be appreciated!