1. Anthro

    Ubiquiti AirCube AC WiFi Router | ACB-AC VLAN on WAN Support ?

    Hello Everyone. My Fibre connection from Cybersmart Lightspeed uses VLAN on the WAN connection, anyone that can comment on the ACB-AC ability to do this, or have one of these that can comment on the performance as a router ? https://scoop.co.za/ubiquiti-aircube-ac-wifi-router-acb-ac.html
  2. P

    Confused About Network Setup

    Hello, I just had hx.systems install a dish for us. They installed a mikrotik router with a tenda access point. What is confusing me is that the ethernet cable from the mikrotik router/dish is plugged into the LAN 2 port of the Tenda AP. Why is this? Shouldn't it be in the WAN port? I don't...
  3. K

    TTConnect + Afrihost Fibre. Unable to get IP after router change

    Hi, I have a working fibre installation, TTConnect + Afrihost. However when I swap the router the WAN interface does not get an IP (defaults to A few observations 1. On day of final install (2 Mar 2018) - plugged in laptop directly onto the media converter - got an IP...
  4. M

    How to setup the HUAWEI B315s-936 on a LAN?

    I recently signed up for a LTE deal from Telkom and received the Huawei B315s-936 LTE router. At home, my network is managed by a Mikrotik router, which also runs my Wifi. I have a combination of wired and wireless connections to the Mikrotik router. I now want to add LTE to the network by...
  5. M

    Smart Village Issues

    Is anyone else using Smart Village? How has your experience been I've recently signed up to an 8mb FTTx connection running over a WAN via a wireless router. (PPPoE) The connection has it's ups and downs, but more downs than ups. And its not cheap. Any tips for a better connection? (i.e...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    WAN optimisation service Aryaka arrives in SA

    WAN optimisation service Aryaka arrives in South Africa Two former Internet Solutions innovation managers have brought the WAN optimisation service Aryaka to South Africa.
  7. D

    How to use the Huawei B593 to give internet to a different router through WAN?

    Hi there, could I please ask if someone knows how to do this? Our ADSL has been down for 3 weeks and no sign of Telkom to fix it. I have a Netgear Firewall router with a WAN port (where a adsl modem in bridge mode is connected to) to supply the company network with internet. I want to...
  8. R

    Weird Network Issue - need help!

    Hey all, Hope someone can help me as I have been battling with this for a few months and I'm really at my wits end. I have a iBurst Desktop modem, which connected to the WAN port of my IPLink router and all was working fine until one day, without any changes from my side, it stopped...
  9. R

    Wirelessly connecting two properties about 450m from each other

    Hi guys I wonder if anyone here can help me - my father-in-law and I want to setup a wireless network between our two places - we're about 450m as the crow flies from each other, and line-of-sight I think will be possible with a pole or two. Main reason is he's on the one plot in town...
  10. C

    Advice on Fortigate firewall

    Hi All, Just a query - can anyone point me in the right direction to correctly config a FortiGate firewall. I've used it for 3 years now and it runs beautifully. However, we've had a new ADSL line installed and want to route traffic per Active Directory group (e.g. One group of users runs on...
  11. jes

    Ethernet killed the WAN star

    Ethernet killed the WAN star Ethernet was born 40 years ago, on 22 May 1973, while Bob Metcalfe who was working at the Xerox
  12. R

    Weird Network Problem

    Before i explain the problem here is the network setup: Small workgroup running 4 Computers. 3 Desktops: 1 with Win 7. 2 with XP pro 1 Laptop: with Win 7. Desktops use lan cables that connect to a switch that connects to a router. laptop uses wireless on router. All systems running static...
  13. G

    Home network routing

    Hello myBB..!! After five days of searching I am giving up and posting this thread. I need to set up a network at home, where I have one modem, which creates 2 pppoe connections to 2 different isp's on the modem it's self. and then route all the data from one connection to certain pc's and...
  14. rpm

    Increasing bandwidth is not always the answer

    WAN optimisation versus more bandwidth Why increasing bandwidth is not always the answer.
  15. M

    Help: Using UK ADSL modem/router in SA?

    Hi all Recently back from the UK. Brought my Netgear ADSL modem/wireless router back with me. Unlike most routers I've seen for sale locally, its WAN/Internet port is ethernet and therefore cannot connect directly to the phone jack. Is there a converter to handle this issue? If so, please...