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Sep 12, 2011
Hi ,

Hope someone who has some know-how about SARS and Efiling can shed some light and safe my life.

On the VAT return I submitted according to Pastel's report, the amount for Input Tax was captured correctly according to me. I was then told that Input tax invoices was captured in the wrong period, with further investigation I did pick up a user updated those documents in the wrong period, which lead to a major problem, the company had to pay an amount which there wasn't even money in the bank to pay for SARS.

What I was thinking, is that I would fill in the return so that it balances out with the previous return, then submit additional payments for the correct amounts what is was supposed to be.

However what I am also thinking, is that SARS would see the previous period with the wrong information, will be as unpaid, and penalties will be charged to that period.

SARS can't help me over the phone, and I really don't want to go to a branch. My nerves will be shot.