1. M

    Outstanding Income Tax and Sale of Property

    Quick question. I have a family member who wants to sell his house but he owes a substantial amount of tax to SARS. The funds owed to SARS are because of dual income for years. He has been taxed individually for both incomes, but the combined income is taxed at a higher tax bracket. Will the...
  2. RedViking

    Foreign Business TAX

    If said company is established in another country but does not operate in South Africa and I am for example 35% shareholder in the company. What steps do I need to take to be TAX complaint? Do I only declared dividends/income paid out to me?
  3. M

    SARS E-Filing 2019/20

    Does anyone know when individual tax return filing season starts? Is it still 1 July?
  4. Jamie McKane

    South Africa lost R15 billion in taxes due to cigarette and alcohol ban

    South Africa lost R15 billion in taxes due to cigarette and alcohol ban South Africa lost between R14 billion and R15 billion in taxes because of the ban on alcohol and cigarette sales during the lockdown. This is feedback from South African Revenue Service (SARS) commissioner Edward...
  5. Jamie McKane

    SARS commissioner says it is a good idea to open up ecommerce

    SARS commissioner says it is a good idea to open up ecommerce SARS commissioner Edward Kieswetter said ecommerce holds great potential for South Africa and should be opened up. Online shopping remains heavily restricted in South Africa despite other countries allowing unfettered ecommerce...
  6. M

    SARS Tax Bands in other formats

    Where and how can I get SARS Tax Bands in formats other than PDF??? The SARS website only provides the tax bands in PDF format. I would like to develop a payroll system and I need a format which any software can read e.g. Microsoft Excel
  7. C

    SARS - The 183-day / 60 Continuous Day Test

    Hi Just a quick question. I've googled this question numerous times without success. I know there are a lot of factors involved, but can someone just clarify the following for me please? As a simplified example - say a person was continuously working outside of SA for 7 months (±210 days)...
  8. Jamie McKane

    SARS IT head leaves

    SARS IT head leaves The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has terminated the services of suspended executives Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane and Luther Lebelo with immediate effect. In a brief statement on Wednesday, SARS said the move is part of Commissioner Edward Kieswetter’s commitment to...
  9. bluebirdy

    Residence Based Tax

    Hey guys, I'm trying my best to understand the qualifications for paying tax if not living in the country for a considerable part of the year. I was under the impression that the rule was quite straightforward unfortunately I've come across a few things that have confused me on SARS website -...
  10. Jamie McKane

    SARS IT head suspended

    SARS IT head suspended SARS IT head Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane has been placed on precautionary suspension pending the finalization of a disciplinary process for "serious misconduct", according to a statement from SARS. "Ms. Makhekhe-Mokhuane’s precautionary suspension takes effect...
  11. ToniO

    SARS debt - use a negotiator or not?

    Hi all A friend of mine's tax advisors have referred her to a 3rd party SARS negotiator to work out terms. He will take 10% of whatever he saves her. Does anyone have any advice or can you share your experience of dealing with SARS, either on your own or with a negotiator?
  12. K


    Hi , Hope someone who has some know-how about SARS and Efiling can shed some light and safe my life. On the VAT return I submitted according to Pastel's report, the amount for Input Tax was captured correctly according to me. I was then told that Input tax invoices was captured in the wrong...
  13. Jamie McKane

    SARS apologises for e-filing "technical glitches"

    SARS apologises for e-filing "technical glitches" The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has noted the dissatisfaction expressed by some taxpayers over technical glitches encountered while trying to submit returns. SARS acknowledged that while many taxpayers have experienced a smooth...
  14. B

    Nil Income Tax IRP6

    Hi, Do you have to submit a IRP6 if you have nil returns, or is submitting a nil ITR12 to SARS sufficient?
  15. Jamie McKane

    SARS IT head on leave after disastrous interview

    SARS IT head on leave after disastrous interview SARS IT head Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane has been at home on discretionary leave for the past five months, News24 reports. Makhekhe-Mokhuane reportedly believes she has been placed on leave due to her controversial interview on SABC Morning Live...
  16. RedViking

    Government takes my money - Help!

    I am depressed. I am a provisional payer. So twice a year I submit a return. (Which I am currently doing.) During the year I try to budget the tax but I am always short. When I pay I have to give even more money. In return hospitals are a mess. Police services are shocking. Crime is high...
  17. Puk

    Will you pay less monthly income tax when appointed as a company rather than an individual?

    Let's say a company makes someone an offer to do work for them on a retainer basis. They offer the candidate two options: 1) A smaller monthly salary - let's say R30k, but you become an employee and they pay your PAYE each month. 2) A slightly bigger monthly compensation amount - let's say...
  18. Jamie McKane

    The crazy story behind the appointment of the SARS IT head

    The crazy story behind the appointment of the SARS IT head SARS Chief Officer for Digital Information Services and Technology, Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane made headlines in October after an embarrassing interview on SABC. In the interview, Makhekhe-Mokhuane displayed no real knowledge about...
  19. B

    Provisional Tax Returns

    Hi There, I have a question << stating the obvious :) Up until October 2018, I was a full-time employee. Then since November 2018, I started freelancing. I am prepping myself for my first IRP6. I understand the turnover question, but when they ask what my estimated taxable income is. Would it...
  20. Nobody Important

    Sars IT head apologises for 'conduct, posture, and demeanour'

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