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Jan 16, 2008
i used to sleep around 12 hours a day... any less and i'll be tired through the whole day. that was a problem though because i go out around 4 nights a week and only come back around 1am on an early night, so i always used to miss class.

about a month ago it all changed. i dont know why. i now wake up after 4-5 hours and im completely fine. every day. i'll go to bed at, say, 1am. set my alarm for 12 but i'll wake up around 6am and be wide awake. even on weekends. i only sleep more than that when i get drunk and pass out... then its anything from 8-15 hours, depending on how much i drank. i've even tried staying awake for 3 days and then going to bed (i got to 57 hours and then fell asleep in front of my computer on my chair) but i woke up 7 hours after the last sms i sent.

so whatever you have, i think i have the opposite.
and i've cut coffee down to a max of 2 cups a day and i only have it before noon.


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Apr 14, 2007
Ja what really sucks though, is that no matter what I do, I ALWAYS wake up at 04:30. Every day. Monday - Sunday.

Sucks heavy. :mad:

I end up staring at the ceiling, and (sometimes) talk to myself (okay, I don't actually reply...).




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May 14, 2008
Wow dude I envy you, seriously. I love my sleep a lot (I actually look forward to going to sleep) and hate waking up early more than anything. But I'd say you definitely have a sleep disorder since you still feel sleepy after that many hours so see your GP about that. What I'd give to be in your position.....