Soldat - a fast-paced, 2D multiplayer shooter


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Apr 13, 2020
I'm here to introduce to you a game called Soldat. The game has recently been released on Steam and it has received an overwhelmingly positive feedback (currently 97% of 566 reviews are positive). Here's a little preview:
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What does the game offer?
It's a fast-paced, 2D multiplayer shooter that has been running since 2002.
There are 10 primary, 4 secondary and 2 special weapons on top of that there are 2 types of granades. You are also equipped with jetpack that allow you to fly!
The game has 7 native gamemodes:
- CTF (Capture The Flag) - The target is to capture the enemy's flag and bring it to your own, your team is awarded with 1 point for it. Score a specified amount of points to win.
- DM (Deathmatch) - Just pure fun, each kill gives you 1 point, score a specified amount of points to win.
- TM (Teammatch) - It's basically a DM but instead of playing solo, you play as a team.
- RM (Rambomatch) - On a map there's a Rambo's Bow somewhere. To get points you need to find it and start killing others with it or kill the person that's currently wielding it.
- PM (Pointmatch) - Another variation of DM, however there's a yellow flag in this gamemode that gives you additional points for kills if you're holding it.
- HTF (Hold The Flag) - Similiar to PM, there are two teams and one flag. A team scores 1 point for holding the flag for 5 seconds.
- INF (Infiltraion) - There are two teams and two flags - white and black. One team has to steal the black flag and bring it to the white flag, for what they get 30 points. The other team's target is to defend the black flag, every 5 seconds they get 1 point if the flag is in their base.
But these are only the native gamemodes. Over years many communities have developed more gamemodes that are still being played to this day!

It's meant for both casual and competitive gameplay, you can play on public servers or try yourself playing against more experienced players, (including multiple winners of the biggest tournament out here - SCTFL [Soldat Capture The Flag League]), via matchmaking on Discord.

From time to time people in charge organise events, sometimes they last for a few hours and sometimes they can span for months. At the moment people are looking forward SCTFL 30 that has been announced yesterday.

How can I play it?
As I've mentioned at the beginning of the post, it's avaliable on Steam.
The game is free to play, you can play both online and offline.
It has low PC requirements:
OS: Windows 7+
Processor: Core 2 Duo
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.1
Storage: 150 MB available space

Where can i find help/get more information about the game?
Community on Discord
Official YouTube channel
The best Soldat video (imo) p1
The best Soldat video (imo) p2
The most popular Soldat video

Soldat Wiki

Feel free to ask any questions :)
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Apr 13, 2020
I'm pretty sure this game came out in 2002
You are right, I've even mentioned it in the post. It's got released on Steam recently so it's reliving its golden times once again (kind of, it used to be more popular back in the days but Steam release revived it to some point). That's why I want to share with people the news.