1. Jan

    Why FNB charges international payment on rand-based Netflix subscription

    Why FNB charges an extra fee for Netflix, Spotify, and Google subscriptions FNB has started charging an "international payment fee" for using one of its cards to pay for popular online services like Netflix, Spotify, Steam, and YouTube Premium. Several FNB customers have complained about the...
  2. GreatWmR

    Steam Summer Sale 2022

    Here are the games you need to find for the badge Guitar Billionaire Custard Castle Small Claims Court Bass Ain't Bitin' 2022 Dead Seagull Zoo Magnate Actually... Frankenstein's Monster Edition It's Probably Fine Help The King Get To The Toilet The Consecration Of Esthme Pro Poker Amateur Hold...
  3. Fulcrum29

    Bethesda to retire its games launcher, migrate titles over to Steam
  4. Jan

    CompCom and other African watchdogs joins forces against app stores and Amazon

    Competition Commission joins forces with watchdogs to crack down on Amazon and app stores The Competition Commission’s enquiry into South Africa’s digital market will include international platforms, which means the Amazon Store, the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store would form part of...
  5. Jan

    NPD announces best-selling games of 2021 in US

    Best-selling games of 2021 revealed Call of Duty: Vanguard was the top-selling video game of 2021 in the US, while the Nintendo Switch dominated gaming hardware sales, according to data from NPD Group. Despite a slight decline in spending on video game hardware, content, and accessories, 2021...
  6. Nod

    75% of Steam's Top 1000 games work on Linux now

  7. Jan

    Log4Shell RCE zero-day being exploited all over the Internet

    Critical security flaw being exploited all over the Internet IT security company Sophos has detected a sharp increase in attacks exploiting the zero-day exploit in Apache's Log4j. Vulnerable organisations include Apple, Tencent, Valve, Google, Minecraft, Amazon, and Tesla, to name a few.
  8. PrimeSteak

    Why tf are Call Of Duty games so overpriced on Steam?

    All of these games are 6+ years old, so why the unholy high prices? MW1's price is bearable but the others make no ****in sense? R400 for BO2? R200 - R250 makes more sense on sale but not ****in R400! I remember when buying BO1, WAW, MW2 and MW3 that they were the most affordable of the bunch...
  9. PrimeSteak

    I need help with Origin

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem with Origin. And what infuriates me most is, is that this problem only affects 2 of my games that require Origin (Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Dead Space 3 respectively). The rest of the games I have that requires Origin to work, works without problems. These 2...
  10. Jan

    Steam Summer Sale 2021 is on like Donkey Kong - best deals under R100

    Steam Summer Sale — Best games under R100 Steam has launched its Summer Sale, offering great deals on thousands of PC games from 24 June to 8 July. The PC gaming platform has slashed the prices of several popular titles to under R100, ranging from big-name AAA games by major to studios, to...
  11. J

    Steam February Game Festival will let gamers try 500 free demos

    Steam February Game Festival will let gamers try 500 free demos Valve has announced that its next Steam Game Festival will kick off on 3 February, offering users a wide selection of playable demos. The company said that over 500 free game demos will be available to play for the duration of the...
  12. RedViking

    Hitman 3 - Official

  13. P

    Soldat - a fast-paced, 2D multiplayer shooter

    I'm here to introduce to you a game called Soldat. The game has recently been released on Steam and it has received an overwhelmingly positive feedback (currently 97% of 566 reviews are positive). Here's a little preview: What does the game offer? It's a fast-paced, 2D multiplayer shooter that...
  14. N

    Help Steam Remote Play

    I'm currently having issues with Steam Remote Play Together. I'm able to link my smartphone with my computer and play from there but when I try to use the Play together feature to Co-Op with someone else, I get a "Can't connect remote computer". Anyway dealing with this?
  15. J

    Steam Halloween Sale 2019 launched

    Steam Halloween Sale 2019 launched Steam’s Halloween Sale 2019 is now live, offering big discounts on hundreds of titles across the storefront. These discounts will be available from 28 October until 1 November and will not change for the duration of the sale.
  16. GreatWmR

    Steam Halloween Sale

    It has begun my friends And steam servers have already broken see you all in a few hours when they fix them
  17. GreatWmR

    Age of Empires 2 Broken Coupon

    Any one else get this? clicking the applicable game button takes me to an error and "25% OFF 25% Off" what the hell does that mean I only get 25% when buying just the game and it doesn't add to the AoE 1 and AoE 2 bundle discount (i already own AoE 1 Definitive Edition) weirdest coupon ever
  18. J

    Big Steam security flaw discovered

    Big Steam security flaw discovered Russian security researcher Vasily Kravets has found a security vulnerability in the Steam Windows client which could allow malicious developers to infect users' PCs. Kravets said the exploit allows any program to run with the highest possible rights on the...
  19. J

    Steam Labs lets PC gamers try out new features

    Steam Labs lets PC gamers try out new features Valve has launched a new project named Steam Labs, which allows PC gamers to try out experimental features before they are implemented. Steam Labs allows gamers to provide feedback on upcoming features and concepts, some of which may never be...
  20. J

    Steam launches 2019 Summer Sale

    Steam launches 2019 Summer Sale Steam has launched its 2019 Summer Sale, offering hefty discounts on hundreds of games across the platform. During the sale, gamers can grab popular titles such as Monster Hunter World, Grand Theft Auto V, and Assassin's Creed Odyssey at greatly discounted rates.