South African e-commerce revolution expected


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Dec 20, 2007
Sadly with examples like government not being able to keep the lights on, this too will be another flop.


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Jan 28, 2010
Trust: it's not a problem, it's THE problem

Bid or buy had their man on the radio explaining why their "deal of the week" went south for a buyer, leaving him R3500 or so out of pocket. It came down to them not anticipating that their seller was going to run off with the money that they handled, and then declare bankruptcy (or pretend to do so). Even though they promoted the deal, they let the loss of R3500 or so for a vapourware bed land with the buyer.
There are plenty of "sellers" out there who are happy to inflate their profit by 5% by not delivering the goods one time out of twenty, and then coming back with a new pre-bankrupt identity.
Until the trust factor is superior to what you can expect in a face-to-face relationship, the revolution will have to wait.
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