Speedtest results and why they differ ?


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Jan 8, 2019
I am new to the Forum and would like to know why different Speedtests give different results. Using the Mybroadband Speedtest shows me download speeds of over 30mbps and upload speeds of 50mbps which looks great but I am unable to stream any video content from the web. When using the speedtest from Google's search I see I am getting between 0.5mbps and 1.5mbps down and 30+mbps upload.

I am assuming that the Mybroadband speedtest is using local servers to test and the test on Google is using servers in the US or EU ? And thus I'm assuming that the Google speedtest is what I should be looking at as the servers I'm trying to stream from reside in the US or EU.

If someone could clarify this it would be greatly appreciated.
Oct 23, 2018
Google speedtest also isn't a good indicator - those are hosted at teraco Isando. Most of the international content you're trying to access is probably hosted in South Africa now. The problem is that a few ISPs don't really take the time to establish proper peering relationships as well as understand the origin of most of their users' traffic.

Speedtests are also generally unreliable.

First thing you can do is try establish the providence of your traffic and see how well your ISP routes to there - download a tool called WinMTR and this will tell you the following:
- How many hops there are to your streaming source
- Packet loss and how much there is
- intermediary destinations to your source
- Location of the source (google IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to find out where it is)

Who's your ISP?