1. C

    Internet Speed test varies using different Browsers

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this behavior. I performed speedtests on my fibre connection and depending on the internet browser i use i get different results some results shocking. I used the Speedtest Microsoft store app and the Ookla CLI test and those seem to be the...
  2. M

    MyBroadband test speed.

    Speed test done by MyBroadband, Awesome Speed by MTN .:)
  3. W

    Speedtest results and why they differ ?

    I am new to the Forum and would like to know why different Speedtests give different results. Using the Mybroadband Speedtest shows me download speeds of over 30mbps and upload speeds of 50mbps which looks great but I am unable to stream any video content from the web. When using the speedtest...
  4. Rouxenator

    Your fastest mobile speedtest on the MyBroadband Speed Test App

    I have been following the recent MyBroadband Speed Test App competition and was wondering what the fastest speed was that has been achieved? Has anyone been able to top the one I got on Saturday morning : I was exactly 1km away from the tower using a stock Nokia 5.
  5. T

    MyBroadBand Speedtest is broken?

    Hi, For the last couple of days, when I run the MyBroadBand Speedtest, it reports that I am getting 0.2Mbps downloads, but when I run the SAIX speedtest, I get my full 4Mbps? Is there a problem with the MB speedtest? I actually logged a call to my ISP about the speed before I realised...
  6. C

    Speedtest results different laptop and mobile

    Hi there I recently upgraded my 4Mbps ADSL to 10Mbps. When I run speedtest from my laptop and tablet (both connected on wifi) I get a better reading than before (around 8Mbps) but for some reason on my cellphone (connected on wifi) I still get around 3Mbps (similiar to before the upgrade). I...
  7. L

    Vodacom Fixed Broadband Speed Issues

    I hope I am posting this thread at the correct place. Let's dive right into it we have a 10mbps Broadband Connect Wireless Premium connection. About two weeks ago we startet noticing slow speeds on the internet and first thing i did was run a speed test with speedtest.net and speed seemed to be...
  8. Espee

    Home-Connect ISP Feedback

    I have been using Cipherwave / Home-Connect's 100/100Mbps package for the past two weeks and I have SADV (SA Digital Villages) as my fibre provider. My experience thus far has been extremely positive. I have been seeing constant speeds of 95Mbps+ and my downloads on Steam, Origin, etc...
  9. M

    Extreme Latency During Specific Hours

    I decided to make the change from Mweb to Afrihost because I heard it was much better than Mweb. Since the service started, my speed has been much slower from around 18:00 to 23:00 during the week and around 15:00 to 23:00 on the weekends, I've done checks to make sure I'm not being throttled...
  10. S

    Vodacom 4G LTE

    Apart from vodacom providing settings for famous brands online and only giving errors for the rest of us what is the surest foolproof way of having LTE settings on my chinesse brand smartphone? :confused:
  11. K

    Afrihost terrible line speeds

    http://netgauge.ookla.com/share/276381196.png I am at a loss with afrihost. Anybody else experiencing absolutely atrocious line speeds in the pretoria east area? When I got afrihost to recreate the ports and resync the line the speed got back up to half of that which my 4Mbps line...
  12. Rouxenator

    Web Africa Capped VS Afrihost Prepaid VS Vox Fat Pipe Capped

    I just posted this in the Web Africa Capped thread as that is/was my ISP for the past year. But in the interest of ADSL user in general I think we should compare ISPs and share out results. Same 10mbps line, same Pace router, same AMD computer, same Windows 8.1 and Chrome software Web...
  13. C

    WebAfrica ADSL unresponsive

    I keep trying to get a reasonable ADSL service with little success. The latest speedtest above shows 27 KB/sec download and 41.6KB/second upload with 45 ms latency. Their customer service does not call me to setup my email box on their server.
  14. O

    Moved to new address, now there's no decent data coverage?

    In summary : I have moved from one part of Pretoria, to a different suburb which happens to be quite centrally located, close to malls, community centers and other amenities. It never occurred to me, to test mobile data speeds while looking at the house initially (does anyone check data coverage...
  15. W

    This makes me very sad (speedtest result)

    :( From Munich to speedtest server in Munich. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3652892243
  16. thapedict

    Not Bad Vodacom

    http://speedtest.ookla.com/result/2596545809.png But you could do better!
  17. C

    Telkom 4Mbps ADSL Extremely High Ping

    Hi I'm helping out my friend who has been experiencing extremely high Latency. Location is about 1Km away from the exchange. I live 2 blocks away and my connection is perfect. The download is around 3.5Mb and Uplaod is 400k but Ping is 250ms to Johannesburg servers, we are in Sandton...
  18. C

    ADSL,ADSL2+,VDSL Speedtest

    Hi I was wondering if people who are on 4Mb and up could post pics or screenshots of their speedtest on MyBB or OOkla Speedtests please I'm curious about the various upload and Pings (local of course) Thanks in Advance
  19. NeonNinja

    Afrihost Mobile Speed Test

    In this thread please. Would be nice to state location. Essentially this is on the MTN network, so you can also head over to http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/102556-MTN-Speed-Test-Results for some extra results.
  20. S

    Question on Speedtest.net and ADSL tests.

    I have a question - may seem stupid but I want to clarify. If I have a 10mb(up to ;) ) line.... and I have a 4mb uncapped account and do the test. Will I see 4Mbps regardless, but then when I have a 10mb uncapped account I should see 10Mbps theoreticaly? i know it won't always be full speed...