Suicide Pact:- Your views-


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Oct 19, 2007
I reckon it could get very tricky if assisted suicide was legal though. There would immediately be a whole string of issues/cases where murderers claim to be helping people kill themselves and therefore not guilty etc...
Not really...If only doctors can apply for permission and it is supervised by a medical board then it won't be abused by murderers.


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Nov 17, 2005
It was their choice just as everyone posting here has the choice to do so. As for their family and friends... This man gave 87 years of his life to them and the women 79 years of hers. Self-righteous, selfish people want them to stay around so they can feel better but never consider the needs of the actual people. I believe your life and what you do with it is yours. If you are a religious person, perhaps that is different as you believe you "belong" to God. If you're not, who do you belong to? Yourself! Therefore you are free to do as you please. The children and friends did not own this couple.

I'm not a fan of suicide but in certain circumstances I can see why people see it as the only way out. These people have lived for almost a century and although I don't know if they had a good life, they certainly had the experience.


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Dec 29, 2007
unless the doctor is the murderer .... small chance but wouldn't 1 death be too many?