Telkom Mobile and 3CX


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Jun 19, 2014

So I've been using a 3CX pbx and the android app for a number of years, without much issue.
Until about the 11th of May that is.
Since then my 3cx app does not seem to connect to the server correctly - most of the time it tells me my IP has been blacklisted (it hasn't been) - which according to 3cx means the ISP is blocking traffic in some way.
This does not happen on any other network, only telkom mobile, so it's clearly not a firewall or server issue.

Does anybody know why telkom mobile is doing this and if there is any way around it?

I have attempted changing the ports that 3cx uses for its app connection but the same issue is present.

Is telkom mobile perhaps trying to stop VOIP working to try force me to use them for calls?