Telkom Mobile Billing Query: Concurrent Data Bundles


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Oct 14, 2008

If I use the above Smart Plan, I'm able to load both TM (Telkom Mobile) Data and AN (All Networks) Data.

If I have 2 bundles loaded at the same time, say a 100MB AN and a 1GB TM bundle, which gets used first?

I'd hope that the TM bundle would be used by default, unless of course I'm out of TM coverage. Then it should switch to the AN bundle.

On top of that, should the TM bundle be used up, the AN bundle would then be used until completion after which I'd be billed standard OOB.

Correct? If so, this should be added to the TM FAQ- if this was made clear I'm sure more people would buy into these plans...


Also, this plan lists a bonus 5GB TM Data for certain devices- I take it the SIM Only deal excludes any bonus data?

The unlimited calls to TM phones: Any indication of this being extended after 12 months?

What about calls to a nominated landline?
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